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Construction Workers Love the Gym the Most

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Construction Workers Love the Gym the Most


A new study has revealed that people who work in construction are not only the most likely to work out, but also most likely to spend the longest amount of time doing so. The research was conducted by WMB Logistics as part of an ongoing study into the lives of British lorry drivers and how theirs differs from those in other industries. More than 3,000 UK-based adults (aged 18+) in full-time employment were quizzed, including 250 lorry drivers and a spread from a variety of other industries. In total, 71% of construction workers said they go to the gym. Next best were 65% of all those who worked in sales. When asked how long they spend in the gym per week, construction workers said they spent an average of 15 hours and 30 minutes. Weight lifting was their favourite gym workout, whilst cardio was the favourite amongst those in education (59%), healthcare (57%) and telecoms (44%).

Those in construction stated that they go to the gym so much in order to be able to keep up with the physical demands of their job (57%).


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