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Marvellous Mahtay

Marvellous Mahtay



For those of us living a fast-paced high-stress lifestyle, there is a new herbal booster out there that should be firmly on our radar.

Native to South America, the Yerba Maté plant is a magic ingredient responsible for a new infused tea drink that delivers on low calories, low natural sugar and provides energy boost through high natural caffeine.

Mahtay has launched a 100% Yerba Maté natural infused tea vitality drink that combines the natural energy properties of Yerba Maté with coconut juice and acai berry extract to provide a unique and lightly sparkling infusion tea.

Maté’s stress-reducing qualities and natural muscle relaxants offer an escape from life’s daily pressures, while Theorbermine, naturally present in Maté, boosts mental alertness without the often-associated jitters of the daily coffee fix. As such, Theorbermine also acts as an excellent, natural choice of drink for exercise workouts.

“Having spent years working in high intensity environments in the fashion, music and drinks industry, it was a surf trip to South America where I found the Yerba Maté plant,” explains Mahtay founder Robyn Ward. “It’s been used for centuries by the indigenous tribes of South America because of its nourishing and rejuvenating properties. Not only can this drink chill you out, but the Theobromine also acts as a natural boost.”
Mahtay is available online at www.mahtay.co.uk It is also stocked at stores nationwide with Revital and some of the most exclusive outlets in London, including a variety of Third Space gyms, Barry’s Bootcamp and exclusive hotels and restaurants including The Chiltern Firehouse, `Blakes Browns and The Cuckoo Club.

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