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Issue 11 – On the Menu

Issue 11 – On the Menu



steak-burgerThese burgers are a delicious combination of steak, cheese and spices. By using lean mince they are also much lower in fat than usual store-bought burgers. They’re fairly low carb and pack a whopping 25g of protein per burger. Sriracha is a fantastic hot sauce that can be found in the world food aisle of some supermarkets. It’s spicy, tangy and works perfectly in these burgers. If you can’t find it, substitute for a different sauce of your choice, e.g Tabasco, BBQ or even ketchup.


420g (1 Pack) x lean british steak mince, 4 x hot green finger chillies, 80g x reduced fat mozzarella cheese, 20g (4tsp) x sriracha hot sauce, Salt & pepper as desired, 1tsp x chilli Flakes

Begin by adding your steak mince, salt, pepper and chilli flakes into a bowl and giving a good mix. You could use a food processor to really ensure your steak mince is well mixed up. Divide your steak mixture evenly into four portions then split these in half again so you have eight halves (for four burgers). Prepare your fillings by chopping your chillies into small chunks, and depending on what type of mozzarella you have, either chop it into slices or chunks, or if it is grated then make four small piles ready to fill your burgers. When it comes to making the burgers, line a tuna tin with cling film and press the mince mixture into the mould so it forms a perfect shape. As you fill them in this case, take half of your burger and press it down into the tin, top with your cheese, chilli and a teaspoon (or more) of Sriracha, then place the other half of your burger on top. Flip the burger out of the cling film and pinch together the sides, rolling it around in your hands and working it fully closed and joined together. To cook, simply heat a frying pan, add a little 1kcal spray oil and after searing the sides (lightly rolling the burger around on each side for a few seconds to seal it in) cook over a low/medium heat, flipping occasionally to ensure it’s cooked right through. Cook to your preference!



These protein balls are fantastic alternative to drinking yet another boring protein shake. The whey powder provides a complete protein source to help your muscles repair and grow after a heavy gym session, and the low carb content means they’re an ideal snack, which won’t spike your insulin levels. The protein balls will keep for three days in the fridge, so spend ten minutes making a few batches on Sunday and Wednesday nights and you won’t be tempted by the biscuit tin all week!


1/2 scoop The Organic Protein Company’s whey protein powder*, 1½ tbsp coconut flour, ½ tsp instant coffee, 1 tsp melted extra virgin coconut oil (I love Lucy Bee‘s), 1/2 tbsp Big Tree Farms raw organic cacao powder*, or Fairtrade cocoa powder, 2 tbsp oat flour, 1 tbsp crunchy almond butter 2-3 tbsp milk

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, roll into balls and refrigerate for one hour or devour immediately!



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