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Five Minutes to Destress


Will Williams is the UK’s leading meditation teacher and he reveals how we can combat the daily rigours life can throw at us

Stress of all forms has its roots in the mismatch between our biological make-up and the intensity of modern life. And the workplace is obviously one of those places where we feel it most acutely, staring at screens all day, with deadlines and responsibilities putting us under pressure, and occasionally causing our biology to react in ways which surprise, bemuse and confuse us, and ultimately cause us to feel less good about ourselves and the world.

Beeja means the ‘seed of infinite potential’ and Beeja meditation is simple, effective, fun and based on ancient wisdom as well as scientific research. Beeja meditation is different from anything you’ve seen before. Whilst conventional mindfulness reduces stress by eliminating thoughts, Beeja meditation is based on the Vedic principles, which help you to release thoughts, to reduce stress and heighten experience. Your body is given a chance to reset and reboot, as Beeja meditation takes you 33% deeper into relaxation than even your deepest sleep.

Beeja meditation is incredibly effective at getting to the root of your stress response and calming your body down, so you are less reactive, more energised and ultimately more productive. It uses sounds, allocated by a teacher, that will interact with your nervous system to give it the bandwidth it needs to deal with all of life’s dramas, and all of your tasks.

1. You can Meditate Anywhere!
A common misconception about meditation is that you have to be in total silence. You can in fact meditate anywhere: sitting on the bus or the tube, at the beach, in a park, in the cinema before a film starts, at your desk before a big meeting, on an airplane if you are a nervous flier. Most people will just think you’re asleep!

2. Try to meditate on an empty stomach
It’s best to allow 1.5-2 hours after eating before you meditate so your body isn’t too busy digesting food that it can’t slip into relaxation mode. It’s also best to avoid having caffeine before, as it’s very stimulating for your nervous system and can also delay your body’s relaxation response.

3. Use the word Beeja as your mantra
Sit down, close your eyes, and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Feel both feet on the floor and let your awareness drift across all parts of your body. Now start gently repeating the sound ‘Beeja’ in your mind. Be soft and slow and faint and relaxed. Beeja means the ‘seed of infinite potential.’

4. Meditate for five minutes
Do this for five minutes, coming back to whispering the sound in your mind every time you lose track of it (which will happen lots, and that’s ok!). After five minutes, stop repeating the sound, and then take 30 seconds with eyes closed, and think of someone, or something, that you love. Hold that feeling in your heart for this time, and then go about your day feeling a little bit better.

The Effortless Mind by Will Williams is out now priced £9.99 (Simon & Schuster). For information about meditation classes visit beejameditation.com