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BESTFIT Issue 9 Challenge

BESTFIT Issue 9 Challenge



This month, we turn to a former footballer to test our endurance… over to Jerel Ifil, former Swindon town defender turned PT. On the pitch he was nicknamed “The Beast”, so don’t expect an easy ride…

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“Making time to keep healthy is becoming more of an issue in our hectic lifestyles,” explains Ifil, who has hung up his boots to become a mentor and personal trainer. “I try and design programmes which can be easily done at home and do not require too much thought when returning from a tough day in the office. “This particular workout doesn’t require a lot of space and will test your cardio and muscular endurance,” he explains of this month’s challenge. “It brings core, quads, shoulders and triceps together to create a great burn. “So, to take on the challenge, simply take note of the time it takes to do the circuit below for the first time. Your aim is to try and beat it. Whether you do it once, twice or three times a week… continue to challenge and motivate yourself to be better each time. As in life, it’s not about beating others… it’s about being a better today than yesterday and better still tomorrow… the rest will take care of itself. Good luck and get started!”

The Exercises

1 Press up

1 Squat thrust

1 Squat jump

1 Length bear crawl

(5 Steps towards 5 Back)

Increase each exercise by 1 every time you complete a set taking no rest until failure. Short, sharp, and effective!

Ifil created Ifil Fit to train and coach those who wanted training to help achieve personal goals. Ifil also runs Iprovefit Ltd with a business partner, which aims to help mentor disadvantaged young adults with behavioral and mental issues.