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Juliana Campos shares her fitness tips

Juliana Campos shares her fitness tips


Juliana Campos


Juliana CamposLondon-based South American PT Juliana is the latest addition to our team of columnists. Specialising in bodyweight exercises inspired by her native Brazil, she’ll be sharing some workout and nutrition tips in the next few issues

I have always considered myself fortunate to have grown up in a beautiful country like Brazil, where you always want to go out and experience the best that life has to offer. I gained a love for physical exercise and the great outdoors at a young age. As an adult, I have practised the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, and developed my skills as a professional samba dancer. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy performing in the Rio Carnival as well as the Notting Hill Carnival as a samba queen.

Swimming and gymnastics have also been a big part of my life and have proven to be a powerful combination, as they helped me become fast, focused, flexible and powerful. I essentially learned to control all parts of my body. As a personal trainer, I’m active in London, United Arab Emirates and my native Brazil. I always try to pick up ideas and inspiration from the places I travel to in order to improve my methods and keep my clients motivated.

What I love is that I get to teach my clients how to command their bodies. I am not a big fan of gyms, as I like to train with my own body weight, where you can have the control and improve the power of your own body. It’s very effective and enjoyable to be able to control yourself and challenge your limits. This is what I consider training for life. It is important to remember that good looks come from a strong core, good posture and well-trained body, not from a few visually pleasing temporary bumps. I want to give my clients long-lasting results.

Pilates Fit is another exercise form I teach and which I find gives my clients good results. It is gentle on the body and reaches muscles in your body you didn’t even know exist!

Juliana CamposI am ready to help you to be the best you can be with exercises that you can practise anywhere, anytime, by yourself or with your family. I’ll also be sharing some amazing diet tips to help you slim and detox. Natural, slow released options provide the best energy and the results you need.

As it’s holiday season, I’ve got two tips to get you started. First, pack some detox teas in your suitcase. I have a Slim Kitchen Tea every morning before a run to get the energy I need and to burn fat naturally. During the day, try a slimming tea instead of a coffee, and/or add a night detox to help your digestive system.

Secondly, try this exercise in your hotel room, it’s called BOOTY AGAINST THE WALL: place your hands wider than shoulder-width apart on the floor and put your feet on the wall so you’re upside down (see above). With a jumping motion, move your feet so they’re now shoulder width apart, and back. Do this 30 times. Then move your knees towards your chest while remaining upside down. Do 15 on each side.

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram @jcpilatesfit or on my website www.julianacampos.co.uk


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