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How important is Fitness Fashion to you?

How important is Fitness Fashion to you?


Fashion Fitness


If you’ve been wondering why so many more brands have jumped on the fitness fashion bandwagon, you might want to look to the South East (mostly). London has now been shown to house most of the UK’s fashion-focused gym warriors – 68% to be exact – with respondents suggesting that their outfit needs to be on point when they’re burning calories. This comes as a stark comparison with those of us in Wales who like to work out, paying more attention to the task at hand than the clothes we’re sweating through. The South East also came up top of the list for the amount of exercise done; 39% work out more than four times a week. What might come as a surprise is that 71% of us Brits aren’t likely to opt for fitness tech to accompany our gym routines, preferring to keep things old school instead.


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