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Introducing Charlayne Everheart

Introducing Charlayne Everheart


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New columnist Charlayne Everhart is a Pro-elite World Champion and one of the world’s most talked about fitness models.  In her new column, she reveals the one move you need in your armoury, plus why it’s OK not to be perfect!

You were a personal trainer and a therapist before you had a daughter. How has becoming a mother changed your attitude to fitness…

I used to study personal training, nutrition, pilates, boxing… you name it. I had a huge passion for the fitness industry and being healthy. After having my daughter I put on at least three or four dress sizes, so I wanted to shift the weight. I took it upon myself to learn and put that into practice. I was back in a size 8 dress and doing bikini photo shoots when she was barely six months old.

Before I had my daughter I was a student doing the odd modelling job. I’ve been a student for many years! But having a daughter made me realise how impressionable young people are. Social media is tough on them. Over-the-top motivational messages are unrealistic. We all have our lazy/rough/fat days, that’s what makes us human, so I just wanted to set a good example.

How did your educate yourself about nutrition, form and fitness?

I studied for years doing everything I could to learn and research. Being around like-minded people, and taking it all in, helped, but so did trial and error. I used myself as the guinea pig! Above all, I have learnt that everyone is different. There’s no magic pill. There’s no secret diet that works for everyone. We’re all different.

How do you win every competition you enter?

My secret is simple; enjoy it. If it’s not your passion and you take it too seriously you’ll never succeed. Your enjoyment, passion, flair and excitement shows on stage. I thrive on it and I love seeing my body adapt and change and grow!

What drives you to do it?

To be able to strut and show your accomplishments, to do something for yourself and get yourself noticed. Sometimes win some great prizes, too. Why not?

Switching from cardio to weights changed your body… what prompted the change? And do you still do cardio? What’s the ratio?

I still do both cardio and weights. My body continues to change and I now hold more muscle than previously. I’ve sculpted my curves even more, and I love it. My weights-to-cardio ratio depends where I’m at with a competition. For example, I will be competing with the UKBFF / IFBB this year again in Liverpool, so I’m not doing much cardio at the moment.

What are your weights exercises of choice?

I love high-rep dead-lifts. I cut them out unintentionally for a while, but I’ve seen major improvements since doing them again. Big compound exercises are always important.

You’re a nutrition expert and on a largely plant-based diet. What does a typical day consist of?

My current diet suits the competition ahead of me, but my usual routine consists of oats in the morning followed by five more small meals – all high in protein and high–fat meals, with three of them containing good sources of carbohydrate. Talipia is one of my favourites, with broccoli and sweet potato.

I am currently using Prepp’d for my meal planning and Udos Choice oils.

You’re a Scitec Nutrition brand ambassador. Why did you choose them and what do you use?

That answer is simple: I love my food and I have a sweet tooth! I love everything in their range, as the flavours are delicious. They do protein ice cream and protein pancakes, protein pudding… and they all taste amazing!

I always use the casein before bed and the Amino Xpress in pink lemonade or pear. It helps to curb cravings, ensures you are properly hydrated and helps to protect your immune system.

What’s next for you?

I’m releasing a website and a lifestyle book over the next few weeks. I’m not a prep coach and I don’t claim to be one, but I can help someone lose weight and share my own secrets.

What’s your go-to track when you need motivating?

These days I listen to motivational music, motivation speeches on YouTube, anything pending my mood.

Visit: www.scitecnutrition.com

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