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Review: Revvies Energy Strips

Review: Revvies Energy Strips


I cannot afford to be 3% worse, so why not take the opportunity to perform up to 3% better?? That was logical in my head at least.

As I prepared to attack the 24kg Kettlebell that was laying in the shadows of my garage, one thing was different about my routine.

My unmatching ‘gym’ kit was the same as always. I still tripped over the dog on the way to the garage and I still shouted upstairs “Just popping into the garage for a quick session – I will only be 10-minutes” knowing fine well I would be at least 20.

As I arrived in the garage, among the plethora of similarities the one key difference stood out like a sore thumb…my minty-fresh breath and increased energy were impossible not to notice.

The only thing I had done differently is that I slipped one of the Revvies Energy Strips onto my tongue a few minutes before as I chose the most disgusting outfit to wear. 100mg of caffeine now racing through my veins!

I had no idea what flavour ‘Arctic Charge’ was going to be…but now I know. It is so refreshing that you would be forgiven for thinking that you had a mouthful of actual iceberg in your mouth!

There is no scientific way of knowing how much better I was during that session, but put it this way – for the first time since Lockdown 1.0, the kettlebell didn’t laugh at me as I closed the garage door.

Instead, it just sat there quietly, with a look of disbelief on its previously arrogant face. It realises that it finally has a fight on its hands.

Caffeine is well documented as a stimulant and is commonly utilised by elite athletes to aid performance. If a cup of coffee or belly full of gel don’t sit very well as you start to exercise then these fast-acting, tasty and easy-to-use strips are well worth a try.

Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Informed-Sport Accredited, suitable for vegans and pretty much 50p per strip so everyone should be happy.


Revvies Energy Strips | Arctic Charge | 25 Strips | 40mg Caffeine Strip | 2 Strip = Coffee/Energy Drink | Sugar-Free | Vegan | 5 x 5PK: Amazon.co.uk: Health & Personal Care