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BESTFIT Issue 13 – Reviews

BESTFIT Issue 13 – Reviews



norateen-heavyweightla muscle norateen heavyweight II

A potent, natural T-booster designed to help you increase strength rapidly. This formula delivers a mixture of ingredients including Mucuna Pruriens and Fenugreek that induce and simulate the production and secretion of muscle-building hormones for effective results.

Price: £69.99






Dividing lines swimwear

Australian swimwear brands Funkita and Funky Trunks have launched their latest collection of chlorine-resistant swimwear in crazy colours. They provide the perfect fit for male and female squad swimmers and triathletes and are worn by Brits Aimee Willmott, Molly Renshaw and Duncan Scott.

Price: tbc




crazy-fitcrazy fit massage vibration plate

With a powerful 2000W silent drive motor, this plate can move up to 10mm whilst remaining relatively quiet. With 180 incremental speed settings, it’s perfect for vibration plate beginners becoming accustomed to Whole Body Vibration. Although low-cost, this piece of equipment can still allow you to get in a good full-body workout.

Price: £169.99





featured-productAgain faster klokov competition barbell & bumper plates

This weightlifting package is a result of a two-year partnership in which Again Faster engineers worked closely with Olympic Medallist and World Champion Weightlifter Dmitry Klokov to bring elite level weightlifting equipment to the masses.

The Klokov Competition Barbell is an all-in-one barbell durable enough to withstand the usage demands of a busy gym, but also precise enough to satisfy the weightlifting elite. This game-changing bar has both IWF and IPF marks set in knurling, and is made from the strongest steel on the market. Meeting all IWF dimensions and specifications, the bar is offered at a fraction of the price of similar elite level barbells.

Like the barbell, the Klokov Competition Bumper plates meet the highest accuracy, durability and performance standards as well as maintaining IWF specifications for their dedicated weights. High-quality virgin rubber has been used to deaden the bounce when dropping and the co-moulded steel collar uses an innovative method to hold the bolts in place to prevent loosening over time. Heavy duty would be an understatement!

For elite level equipment at affordable prices, look no further. See link for full package contents.



A singular, tubular waistband designed to hold all on-the-go essentials during your workouts, without the need for pockets or phone holders. Made using a spandex-lycra blend, this moisture-absorbent belt contours to your body for a sleek and flattering look. Simply pop your items in, flip it over and off you go.

Price: £25  www.theflipbelt.co.uk

adidasAdidas adizero adios boost 2.0

Using the same ‘Boost’ midsole material as the first version, this running shoe provides strong, durable protection for long-distance runners. The upper however has been re-designed using suede-like material to provide incredible flexibility and a much softer feel.

Price: £55





liquidhead liquid metal 8 tennis racquet

A lightweight racquet with a large sweet spot, making it perfect for tennis newbies and intermediates. Vibrations are reduced by 27% with the NoShox handle, and the open 16 x 19 string pattern will enhance the balls spin. Available in several grip sizes.

Price: £49.95







6-pack6 pack fitness innovator mini bag



This compact travel bag allows you to pack three meals, shakers, bottles and supplements easily. Using a container compartment that comes complete with shelving and three Snap Lid containers, your food will stay cold and fresh for hours.

Price: £49.95



protien-shakeA shaker bottle with a leak-proof compartment that can store up to 50g of supplements, the bottle itself can also store up to 20oz of liquid. Using BPA free material, this scratch and odour resistant shaker allows you to consume your supplements at the push of a button.

Price: £18.73








Saucony triumph iso

A lightweight yet highly cushioned running shoe, it uses PWRGRID+ sole technology to allow 20% more cushioning without increasing the overall weight. With a seamless and flexible upper design, this shoe prevents excessive friction, meaning less blistering and a better fit.

Price: £125





fitness-disksgliding fitness discs

A pair of smooth cushioned discs designed to add intensity to any workout regime, including upper and lower body, ab and cardio exercises. Available in two types to work on both carpeted and hardwood flooring, these discs will allow you to strengthen your whole body without leaving the house.

Price: £20.99





feature-2spinas la 1

Spinas LA 1 is Nevi’s most high-end cycling product. The frame is made out of grade 9 Titanium welded in a highly sophisticated vacuum chamber to prevent contamination from air, among other things. The welding is then hand laminated, so the frame looks like a single-forged monoblock. The cabling is fully integrated and it boasts a full titanium fork (the top portion being made of fused titanium, a technology used in aerospace engineering and developed by Nevi in collaboration with one of the world’s leading supercar company). Titanium is one of the world’s most prestigious performing metals. It’s light, resistant and untarnishable, and it absorbs large amounts of vibrations compared to a carbon frame, enhancing traction and therefore increasing overall speed. Due to the level of engineering and fabrication techniques, titanium is valued higher than steel or carbon fibre, making Spinas LA 1 a very desirable luxury performing bike.

From £4,700 (frame only)



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