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Happy 20th Birthday to Bio-Synergy

Happy 20th Birthday to Bio-Synergy


20 Years of Bio-Synergy


One of the leading supplement providers amongst the world of fitness is marking 2017 with a 20th anniversary celebration. Having launched in the 90s with a view to taking the supplement industry seriously, Bio-Synergy has since grown rapidly into the highly rated and reputable supplement company that it is today. At a time when bodybuilding was the dominant focus, founder Daniel Herman sought to create a range of clean, effective and high-quality sports nutrition products to fuel both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Choosing the Whey Better protein powder, Creatine Plus and BCAAs as his fitness must-haves, Daniel has also noted the journey from his parents loft with just two products to the current gym/office he shares with his team, selling their range of 150 products. The founder points to Tai Chi, dog walking and the odd obstacle race to keep his fitness up, alongside his four day-a-week gym routine. Congrats! Here’s to another 20.