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BESTFIT Issue 13 – News

BESTFIT Issue 13 – News




Getting bored of your fitness regime? No worries, just grab yourself a scooter (or borrow your kid’s) and follow the new Scootercise fitness program.

Created by company Micro-Scooters in collaboration with family fitness specialist Mary-Ann Elder, this low-impact trend promises fat burning, core conditioning and endurance building benefits. Allowing you to burn around 350 calories an hour, it also promises to improve agility, stability and coordination whilst being easily adoptable for all members of the family. The Scootercise exercise guides come complete with image illustrations showing correct and incorrect form, and give a wide range of moves to complete with your new piece of equipment. Members are even being encouraged to create a local Scootercise club to encourage others to participate in-group workouts. Looks like this might become the new favourite fitness trend – who wouldn’t want to workout on a scooter?


Have you been victim to the all-you-can-eat buffet munchies when on holiday, after weeks of trimming down to look your best?

Well, the guys over at Luxury Fit Retreats promise to help you keep fit whilst you bask in the Spanish sun, with their newly launched Marbella Fit programme. You’ll be invited to work up a sweat with IFBB Figure Pro and fitness coach Gal Yates, doing everything from morning cardio, circuits and hiking to strength training and CrossFit beach boot camps. Guests can also expect only the best tasting healthy grub, served up on an all-inclusive basis by top international chefs.

If that wasn’t enough, the term ‘luxury’ is taken one step further during your stay at the high-end mansion villa, complete with maids service and private driver. Health and fitness never looked so fancy!


Calling all cyclists – shopping for gear just got serious, and a little more upmarket.

Premium bike and cycling accessories retailer The Bike Rooms recently launched their new flagship store on the exclusive location of Regent Street St. James in London. Guests for the opening included Lord Alan Sugar, Fausto Pinarello and Malcolm Elliott amongst many other cycling celebs and high-profile faces. The store itself presents their range of elite, world-performance level bikes, clothing and equipment alongside displays that include Bradley Wiggins’ record-breaking bike and a Tribute Dogma road bike. The opening comes as a result of their successful pop-up store in Westfield, coinciding with the London 2012 Olympics. To celebrate the Regent Street store opening, a single identical version of Wiggins’ time trial bike has been made available for pre-order – that’ll be one serious Wiggins fan club collectible.


As fitness fanatics, we sure are getting spoilt for choice when it comes to the products we need.

A new addition to the ever-growing product supply comes from MaxiNutrition, and it promises to be first class in delivering the best source of protein-packed nutrition. Following the latest research suggesting that pure whey protein may not be the only way to go, MaxiNutrition have created a new formula that combines both fast-acting and slow-release proteins to ensure a constant release of amino acids into the blood over a sustained period of time. These new formulas will be introduced across all of their product formats, including Promax and Promax Extreme, Cyclone, Progain and Progain Extreme as well as Promax Lean. The company will also ensure that the quality of the flavour is kept the same, allowing everyone to keep on enjoying the supplements they need to recover, rebuild and fuel up.




Fancy yourself as a bit of a tap dancer? Even if the answer is ‘no’, you’ll want to try the new fitness programme currently trending Down Under.

Designed by four Aussie sisters, TAPfit is the newest addition to the fitness trend family, promising to tone up and workout your whole body. The TAPfit package includes tap attachments that slip on to your running shoes, a personal-sized roll up dance floor, an exercise and nutrition programme as well as online community support. The exercise regime itself promises resistance training, core strengthening and improved flexibility whilst you dance the calories away. The training guides included allow you to tailor your schedule to the results you want, letting you know what workouts target which areas the most. Whilst it may be a little louder than your average home workout, it certainly promises to change things up. We’re keen!


Has your cheat day ever turned into a cheat week? The next time you hit the fast food you might want to reconsider…

A recent study conducted at Virginia Polytechnic Institute found that eating a high-fat diet for just five days could change the way your muscles metabolise nutrients, creating a higher risk of heart disease or diabetes. The study took 12 non-obese college-aged male participants and fed them a diet high in saturated fat, including heavily processed, pre-packaged convenience food such as microwave meals and snacks. After just five days their bodies’ ability to oxidise glucose in their muscles had been disturbed, allowing a higher chance that glucose would be stored in the body as fat rather than energy. High blood glucose levels and a disruption in metabolism can be risk factors for issues such as diabetes – a lifetime on the hips may not be the only problem with those fast food favourites.


If you’ve been avoiding your workouts in case your asthma kicks in, fear no more.

A recent study published in online journal Thorax found that aerobic exercise might actually help lessen the severity of asthma symptoms in moderate to severe sufferers. Although exercise had been recommended to asthma patients in the past, it wasn’t known whether the pros of exercise outweighed the cons, and so many would avoid it for fear of triggering an attack. This study therefore analysed the impact of aerobic training on the severity of symptoms as opposed to the impact of breathing exercises. Fifty-eight people with moderate to severe asthma were studied, with results showing that those in the aerobic group were able to tolerate twice the level of trigger factor before developing symptoms than those just doing breathing exercises. So instead of just taking a breath, take an aerobics class, and cross off asthma as an excuse to skip your workout.


Whilst women are said to be better than men at multitasking, new research may prompt guys to start practicing their hand at it, too.

A recent study conducted by the University of Florida found that multi-tasking might actually improve performance levels during physical activity. Whilst cycling on a stationary bike, participants were asked to complete a series of cognitive tasks. During the easiest tasks the cycling speed of those involved increased by 25%, which then slowed, as the tasks got harder. However, the hardest tasks brought the cycling speed back to the original pace, demonstrating the benefits that multi-tasking may have on exercise performance. So for anyone struggling to keep up in the gym, try throwing in some extra brain training while you’re at it – you may push out some personal bests.