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Get The Perfect Beach Bum!

Get The Perfect Beach Bum!


Beach Bum Bonanza!

Matthew Knight reveals a workout designed to have you showing off your derriere on the beach this summer

With popular social media users frequently posting pictures of female bottoms accompanied with a ‘she squats’ caption or reference to squatting, it’s time to explain why ‘squatting’ is ideal for a great beach bum.

Squatting is a great exercise, full stop! Everyone (within reason) should be able to squat and squat low. Sorry to tell you but your Gluteus Maximus (bum muscles, also known as glutes) are mainly activated when you go below parallel in the bottom position of the movement. So if you’re not squatting low, don’t expect the best results.

A lot of people reading this – including some trainers – will immediately see red lights and decide that ‘squatting below parallel is bad for the knees!’… not so!

There are tons of exercises for the quads that will improve the muscle tone and tighten the glutes, but I love walking lunges. However, not all exercises work for every person – we all have a different technique, structural balance and range of flexibility. So, here’s a great workout that will give you a great bum and improve structural balance.

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The Workout

beach bum workout