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Mindfulness for Muscle Growth

Mindfulness for Muscle Growth


Mindfulness for muscle growth by Kurtis Stacey

Ever been to the gym, done a few reps and thought ‘I just can’t be a*£$^ today’, and left? Ever wonder why? You’ve done the hard part. You got up, got ready and got yourself there. So why give up so soon?

I believe it’s our mental state. As mentioned in last month’s column, working out regularly is about your lifestyle, this also includes stress and problems in our lives that have nothing to do with exercise itself, but if I was given £1 for every client I’ve had that blames work, kids, bills and time for why they don’t eat healthy or workout regularly then I’d own a mansion overlooking Muscle Beach by now. Sustaining a healthy diet/workout routine year round is extremely hard to do but it isn’t impossible!

We can agree life can be stressful, annoying and hectic and what we need to do is separate your workout from everything else. I’m not going to ask you to neglect your kids and quit your job to have a decent workout but I’m going to share with you a few tips that will help you control your mind and switch off from the world to get you in that muscle-building mood.

1. Meditate
This doesn’t have to be a half-hour meditation on a mat in the park. What works for me is putting my workout playlist on and focusing on the task at hand, what I’m trying to achieve in the next hour and gathering my thoughts on the here and now. I usually do this along with my dynamic stretches.

2. Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’
This is hard for most people but probably one of the most important things to do. Doing this means no interruptions, no distractions and will keep you focused on the task in hand. It also tricks your mind into feeling in control that nothing comes between you and your workout. In most cases there is no emergency that can’t wait an hour.

3. Don’t eat before a workout
Eating before a workout can make you feel sluggish and tired, so in most cases you’d rather hit the sack than the gym.

4. Plan your workouts
Goals and lists have been one the most proven ways to complete tasks in everyday life and your workout is the same. Have a well-structured workout plan for each of your sessions, this way you’ll know where to start, finish and how long your workout will last.

5. Stretch
Stretching will increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles and brain. It will loosen you up and wake you up!

These five things are the fundamentals of my workout routine. They are simple and effective. We spend so much time focusing on our bodies that we forget it’s our mind at the wheel, so take some time out to apply these tips and FOCUS! You have to be patient for muscle growth.

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