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BESTFIT Issue 11 Challenge

BESTFIT Issue 11 Challenge



This month’s BESTFIT Challenge brought to you by Premier Training International provides the perfect preparation for anyone heading to next month’s BodyPower Expo! Taking place at the NEC in Birmingham from 15-17 May, the event is not to be missed. Keep an eye out for the Premier Training International team who will be out in force to answer any PT-related questions. The guys will be stationed at stand C28.

Premier Course Leader and Tutor, Mark Mansfield takes us through this month’s Upper Body Box Challenge. Designed to target the chest, arms and shoulders, the challenge provides a great test of upper body, strength and muscular endurance.


Whilst the words ‘never skip leg day’ can be heard in gyms across the country – many gym goers still continue to look for the best ways to develop their arms, chests and shoulders. Back to the classic bodybuilding days where Arnold Schwarzenegger played a major role – free weights, barbells, and dumbbells were the ‘go-to methods’ for packing on muscle and building strength. Nowadays, there are a number of equally effective options available for upper-body training, some of which have been developed for home-based training, requiring minimal equipment and space.

Bodyweight training uses very little equipment, making it an inexpensive way to exercise effectively. The rapid growth in the popularity of bodyweight training has seen gyms and health clubs re-design their floor plans to include ‘functional spaces’ for exercisers looking for improved results and fitness.

Part of this recent growth in popularity has been driven by suspension training systems. It is now a common sight to see the straps and handles hanging from the walls of gyms across the country as well as thousands of sets being sold each year for use in homes, garages and offices.


The Upper Body Box challenge requires very little equipment and can be completed at home, in the gym using an aerobics step or a Crossfit or plyometric training box. The aim is to complete four sets of ten reps in the quickest time possible. We recommend you pace yourself to ensure you don’t collapse on that final set of burpees! Take the challenge and let us know your best time in the comment box below the video. This routine can also be the perfect addition to any workout routine – especially if you’re looking to mix up your training!



Looking to compliment your upper body workout? How about some free suspension training tips! Head HERE for a FREE online training course. This course will give you an insight into how to perform and teach a variety of highly effective suspended movement training exercises.


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