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Tracy Kiss Joins BESTFIT

Tracy Kiss Joins BESTFIT


Tracy Kiss says no more biscuits, wine or late night Netflix and chill in 2017 because she’s a woman on a mission!


I’m turning *ahem* 30 *ahem* this year and making a decent dent on my bucket list right now with my aim to transform myself from a cardio bunny to ripped fitness model in just four months… when I compete in my first ever bikini contest at Pure Elite in April.

Fancy setting Tracy Kiss a fitness challenge? In her words: she’s up for anything… send your ideas to nick@bestfitmagazine.co.uk

So my squeaky new column here seems like a pretty cool place to chart my progress and maybe help to motivate and inspire others along the way.

Allow me to introduce myself, as some of you may and may not know me already; I’m 29, vegan and a single mother of two living in Buckinghamshire. After years of being bullied as a child for my lanky, geeky, clumsy and shy tomboy adolescence I was surprisingly signed as a Page 3 model at the age of 18 and my life transformed in the blink of an eye; fake hair, fake tan, fake lashes, faking orgasms and teetering around in high heels, starving myself and rolling out of at nightclubs off my face at 4am.

Fast forward a suspected brain tumour, shock second-trimester pregnancy, broken heart, emergency breast reconstruction, abnormal cervical cell removal and working in television, modelling, studying and raising my two children single-handed, and it’s fair to say that my life has been a bit of a whirlwind.

I’ve put my unhealthy ways behind me now and I’ve found peace through meditating, climbing mountains, rescuing homeless animals and writing and marketing for worldwide brands, which certainly keeps me on my toes and has shown me to appreciate and work hard for everything I have in life.

tracy kiss poseI was over the moon to have qualified as a personal trainer last year after my 2,000,000 social media followers were constantly asking me for tips and advice on how I stayed in shape, kept a positive attitude and juggled my time as a working mother. So, rather than just helping myself, I decided to further my education and qualifications in order to help others with my aim to make the world a happier, healthier more wonderful place for my own family and future generations #worldpeace

Being vegan, I know there’s a stigma attached to my chosen diet. Yet I don’t judge meat eaters based on their lifestyle choices; it’s not my place to preach or force my views onto others. I’m doing alright for myself as a social influencer right now. Being a newly qualified personal trainer I have the knowledge to teach yet feel I lack the experience because I haven’t lived the lifestyle for long enough to have walked the walk. By transforming my physique from scrawny cardio-lover to muscle-bound bikini babe this year I’m hoping to push myself physically and mentally to become the strongest and best version of myself and earn my stripes in the fitness industry because life is too short to not reach for the stars.

Will I succeed? Hopefully, I’m certainly not afraid of blood, sweat and tears because I’ll take strong over skinny any day and the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. So let’s ditch the excuses, grow a backbone, suck it up, eat clean and lift heavy. You get one life, don’t waste this opportunity to own the sh*t out of it!

Hands up who’s with me!? See you next month…


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