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Top 5 ways to improve your sex drive

Top 5 ways to improve your sex drive


Big juicy Melons cause harder and longer lasting erection’ shocker!

The fact that I now have your undivided attention says a LOT more about you than it does about me, and unlike the ‘softer and floppier’ counterpart I shall try not to disappoint.

Of course, I am talking about the fact that Sexual Health Week crept by a few weeks back and luckily for you we have stumbled across 5 top-secret points to help boost your sex drive and lengthen your libido for the other 51 weeks of the year.


1 – Exercise is key. So much so that we have already started proceedings to patent the concept of ‘Sexercise’ – coming to a gym class timetable near you soon. Of course, I am joking about the copyrighting, but I am deadly serious about how important exercise is. Physically it can start to enhance your body image, mentally it will improve your mood and sexually it can send your libido through the roof…which is what you may end up doing to your partner.

2 – You may have heard that abs are made in the kitchen, well it turns out that orgasms are too. In alphabetical order, you would be well advised to add the following items to your shopping list: Almonds, Avacados, Chocolate, Coffee, Eggs, Peaches, Saffron, Steak, Strawberries, Walnuts and Watermelons. Now, I am no Delia Smith so don’t expect a series of recipes utilising all of these items. Everything from erections that stand more strictly to attention, increasing horny hormones and improving the quality of sperm are just some of the benefits from this list.  One thing I can tell you is that I would not advise just chucking it all in and hoping for the best.

3 – Oestrogen and Testosterone gooood. Progesterone baaad. The higher your levels of Oestrogen, the more vaginal lubrication your body will produce and the higher your sexual desires will be, whereas Progesterone can reduce sexual desires. Would you believe me if I told you that a mouthful of nuts would help? Well it would. Along with cruciferous vegetables, seeds and whole grains, nuts can provide specific nutrients the body needs to metabolise Progesterone. Balance is key, and too much of one hormone can put the other out of sync. Regarding Testosterone, the fact that you are currently dry-humping the worktop as you read this means that I probably don’t have much more to add…

4 – “Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true”. Charles Dickens said that, and it is truer today than when it was written over 150 years ago. You may be busy at work which yields success, but the most important meeting you need to stick in your diary is an uninterrupted date with your partner. Put your phones down, close your laptops and ditch all other devices so you can communicate properly with eachother. The deeper connection you can forge the more intimacy you will have.

5 – As a last resort, it might be worth considering medical advice if you have tried all of the above and still lack any lift in the libido department. A low sex drive could be down to a hormonal imbalance which may need medical intervention. The Marion Gluck Clinic help men and women in this situation on a daily basis so get in touch with them and see how it goes.