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Review: Primrose’s Kitchen Granola

Review: Primrose’s Kitchen Granola


Primrose’s Kitchen Granola

A unique take on a favourite breakfast option. Primrose’s Kitchen packs its delicious granola with wholesome, healthy ingredients. They’re gluten free, vegan friendly and organic, with fresh fruit and vegetables air dried at low temperatures. They’re a great way to add more veggies to your routine.

The granola, which comes in three flavours, is the creation of Primrose Matheson, who suffered chronic fatigue, M.E and poor digestion, and who set out on a mission to understand her body and what was needed to maintain it in perfect health. Thanks to her Naturopathic and Complementary health studies, and a degree in Homeopathy, she has used her knowledge to design natural and wholesome food. 

She started with muesli, firstly as a breakfast meal, but then with a desire to make it into a healthy food for any occasion, not just first thing in the morning. She included ingredients such as beetroot and carrot, and in doing so wanted to create a versatile health food that tasted great and could be eaten as a healthy snack whatever time of the day. From this, she decided to add other nutritious ingredients not found in breakfast muesli that support good health, and she continues to develop new products in order to make healthy eating a little easier, and which encourages people to empower themselves through the food they eat and listen to their bodies.

Price: £6.95