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Kurtis Stacey: Post-Easter Exercise

Kurtis Stacey: Post-Easter Exercise


Before you get to work building the body of an adonis, get to know yours inside out, says Kurtis Stacey…


It’s that time of year again, Easter eggs and chocolate found on every aisle in our supermarkets, it can be hard to resist! So who else has been guilty of over indulging over the past couple of weeks? Don’t lie, I know I have.  


It’s ok to have a blowout every now and again, and it is something we all do, but over holiday periods like Christmas and Easter we tend to overdo it. And scoffing down all this sugar-filled chocolate along with little or no exercise means that all of that excess sugar will then be stored as fat. I think by now we all know the risks that too much sugar has on our health but here are a few to jog your memory: 


Increased risk of cancer  

Fatty Liver 

Raises Cholesterol  

Tooth Decay  

It can also become addictive, putting our bodies at higher risk of the above. 


Ok you’re probably thinking, ‘chill Kurt, I’ve only been eating chocolate for a week!’ But it’s my job to tell you to put the chocolate down and get back to your training. If you’re guilty of over-indulging, then it’s time to increase your workout intensity. The harder you work, the more you get your heart rate up therefore burning more calories and fat. 

I’ve devised a quick high-intensity circuit for you to do before your regular workout that will contribute to burning off those excess calories and eat into those fat stores. 


8-12 reps per exercise and repeat circuit 4 times – no rest in-between! 


Kettle bell Goblet Squat  

Press Ups  

Alternating lunges  

Alternating Wood chops – dumbbell 




If you would like some more information or advice on diet or how to lead a healthier lifestyle then get in touch with the BESTFIT team and we can get you the help and advice you need. 

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