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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide


Fathers are all different. Some are sporty, some are great cooks, some are stylish dads and some are techy ones. They all are incredible in their own way. No matter which dad you have, he is Yours, and that makes him the one and only. Father’s day is just around the corner (Sunday, 21st June), it is time to start for that special gift to treat your dad.

Our team at BESTFIT have searched and selected a variety of gifts for your special dads. We have picked the top suggestions for every type of dad to help you find the perfect present for your perfect dad.

The Gourmet Dad.

These dads love great food and delicious taste. High quality ingredients are of high importance to them and a bouquet of flavours must be present in every meal they eat. They value brands that place the emphasis on quality and will not compromise for a cheaper price.

  • Chocolate (Hotel Chocolat – £27.50) – The brand has a selection of dark, milk and filled chocolate. Their award winning chocolate is innovative and original, with a unique combination of flavours to surprise your dad. The Hotel Chocolate collections are a gift that will please the taste buds of any chocolate gourmand.
  • Alcohol (the Feathery – £38.00) – A reasonably-priced whiskey, which offers an extraordinary experience. The Feathery offers a warming rich taste with notes of raisins and soft fruits – a way to your dads heart.
  • Fortnum and Mason Father’s Day Favourites Hamper (£150.00) – A collection of all of the gourmet dad’s favourite treats, with a selection of F&M best biscuits, cakes and teas to please your father. The gift box is a great way to show the attention and love for you dad, with items handpicked with care from F&M by their thoughtful team.
  • Wine Decanter (John Lewis – £52.00-£225.00) – A great present for wine lovers. The decanter lets the wine breathe, opening up new notes of flavour in it. The taste of the wine becomes more rounded and complete. John Lewis has a wide range of decanters that will not only make the wine taste better, but will also become the decoration of the table.

The Cooking Dad.

These dads are kitchen masters. They love to spend time in the kitchen, making their own meals, exploring new cuisines and recipes. They are experimenters. Food preparation excites them and they are always on the lookout for new ingredients, utensils and recipes to try out.

  • Kitchen Utensil Collection (Gourmet Kitchen Elevate by HomeCosy – £189.98 (on sale £94.99) – HomeCosy Kitchen Utensils are an awesome gift for a beginner or an experienced cook. They are designed for maximum hygiene, and are perfect to protect kitchen ware from scratches. This large variety of tools in the set will make life so much simpler for your dad and allow more freedom in the kitchen.
  • Cookbook (The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries – £17.99)- A cookbook for the cool dad’s that love a hearty curry and enjoy the process of making it. The book will inspire a man cook to explore new techniques and experience new tastes of the Indian cuisine.
  • Cookery Experiences (Chaophraya Leeds -£69.00) – This is the perfect experience for Thai food lovers. The workshop explores Thai food cooking techniques, so that your dad can then recreate restaurant-standard dished at home. It is accompanied by a tasting session and lessons on ingredient sourcing.
  • Barbecue Set (John Lewis – £69.00) – If your dad is an outdoor cook, and still does not have a BBQ set, then this is just the right gift for him. The tools from John Lewis simplify the process, are easy to use and clean, and will last a lifetime.

The Classy Dad.

Stylish and neat, these dads place importance on appearance, always taking great care of themselves. They enjoy putting on a classy suit to go to work, and dressing up for an outing or event. They keep up with fashion trends and love good brands with high quality designs.

  • Personalised Solid Oak Glasses Stand (MIJMOJ Design – £29.95) – A handmade glasses stand made from oak is a must-have for a classy dad. It is a stylish piece, that your dad will love, and his glasses will too. It will help him keep his glasses safe at night or on a desk, and reduce scratching and unwanted damage.
  • Fashion Collection: John Lewis (various prices) – The men’s fashion collection at John Lewis offers a variety of items for any occasion. They carry a variety of brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, GANT and BOSS. You are guaranteed to find the item that will suit your father perfectly.
  • Boardies Shorts (£57.00) – Beautifully designed shorts for the dad, that can also be coupled with mini shorts for the kid. The brand shows great originality and creativity in their designs, with a lighthearted approach. It is a great gift to brighten up Father’s day and add more colour to your dad’s closet.
  • TAG Heuer (Connected Golf Edition – £1,600.00 ) – The Golf Edition is a seamless integration of new digital technology into the classic TAG Heuer design. The watch offers functions like 3D mapping, green yardage calculation and shot tracking to enable your dad to improve his golfing skills with digital technology incorporated into an elegant watch.
  • Books (various prices)- They are a great way to show your dad that you know his interests well. A book can demonstrate your connection to him. Here are are top picks: Humankind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman for the ones interested in humanity and the development of our society, The Body by Bill Bryson for the ones interested in human physiology explained in simple terms, The Infinite Game: How Great Businesses Achieve Long-Lasting Success by Simon Sinek for the business-orientated dads that are always looking to improve their performance and leadership, Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman for those who take an interest in human psychology and decision-making.

The Active Dad.

An active dad spends their spare time in movement, either doing his favourite sport or exploring new activities. Sitting at home is boring to them. These dads don’t like to keep still and always aim to get the family out for a bike ride or hike.

  • Foam Roller (The Grid -£31.49 (on sales £27.99)) – The Grid foam roller comes in a number of softness levels and is an amazing tool to help your dad release muscle tension after a good workout or a busy day at the desk. This foam roller is the perfect gift for an active dad to help his recovery from training, and help you show them that you care about their health.
  • Jack Wolfskins bottle/backpack and accessories (various prices) – The brand is the Green Product award winner. It offers an incredible section of items for the active outdoorsy dad. It has everything to make your dad’s outdoor activities more enjoyable with great clothing, equipment and backpacks.
  • Casio New G-shock Sport (£379.00)- The new series condense everything your dad can wish for into a watch. It has the an optical heart rate monitor (most accurate), thermometer, buit-in GPS, is fully shock resistant and waterproof up to 200m, and there is more! The watch is a great gift for a dad who is always out and about, active and into fitness.

The Techy Dad.

These dads are interested in the new technological advances. They enjoy playing with new digital products, finding out what functions they have and how they work. These are curious dads, for whom new technology is a great excitement.  

  • GoPro Max 360 waterproof camera (from John Lewis – £459.00) – This GoPro is unique in that it can film the whole 360* experience, with cameras on both sides it can capture everything around. Above all, it is a waterproof camera (up to 5 m), can be controlled with voice commands or directly from a phone. The GroPro Max 360 is camera like no other that will allow your dad to capture those special moments in a complete and rounded way.
  • Bose Sound Link Colour II Speaker (£119.99)- This speaker allows control from up to 9 meters, so that your dad can carry on doing his tasks, without having to walk over to change his playlist. The sound quality will impress even the most captious listener. The speaker is waterproof, and perfect for a busy life on-the-go, as it allows your dad to make important calls with a built-in microphone, wherever he is, so he can always keep in touch with you.
  • Google Home (£89.00)- When your father wants some magic, Google Home will get it done for him. Your dad can control what he listens to, what he watches and what his house does from one small device. This a a fabulous creation of technological innovation, which will make a great present for your techy dad and give him something new to explore for quite a while.
  • Digital Photo Frame (Nixplay – £51.99-£71.99) – A digital frame that will bring the best memories back to your dad’s heart through the high-resolution images. It is compatible with USB and memory cards, and can be wall-hanged. A meaningful gift for your father to remind him of happy times that you had together.
  • Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones (Sony – £259.00) – Improvements in sound technology from Sony keep surprising us. These headphones have personalised noise control, can be controlled by soft touch and deliver the highest-quality audio. Sony Headphones are not a simple gift, they will give your dad a flawless captivating experience of the art of music.