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Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz Talks Reading Festival

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz Talks Reading Festival


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You’re back at reading/Leeds festival for the first time in three years. what are your favourite memories of 2013?

Man, last time was pretty insane. My best memories were going around and watching some bands. I think I watched Knife Party with Dillon Francis and Foxes. I think there was some mud, yes there was. It was maybe my favourite time at a festival ever.

What can FOB fans expect this time around?

We are bringing a lot more ‘toys’. Since Wintour (our US arena tour) we have been thinking of ways to adjust the visuals and experience for a festival environment. We’re pretty excited by what we’ve put together.

Fitness doesn’t really fit the stereotypical lifestyle of a touring band… but its clearly important to you. how often do you train?

I try to workout five days a week but sometimes it’s four. And then I hike with my kids or chase my dog around my backyard. As long as I feel healthy – a two-year -old daredevil will keep you pretty active.

What does a typical session include?

Free weights and compound lifts. In the morning I try and think about where I want to focus myself that day. I try to stick with it but at the same time I am pretty fluid. If a hotel gym doesn’t have what I want I’ll switch to high-rep body-weight exercises. I’m pretty adaptable. You can do a pull up on just about anything you can grip and which will hold your weight.

Do you listen to music when working out? If so, what?

Sometimes… it depends what I want to be able to focus on in order to get that mind-muscle connection. If I do, it’s usually Hatebreed, old Metallica or something that makes me feel like I could rip someone’s face off! By the way, I have never ripped a face off, but it seems like something that would be hard to do.

You’re into tennis – do you take a racket on your? (Tip: there’s a court right next to Reading festival)…

Damn, there is? I do take a racket with me sometimes, though there isn’t anyone on our crew that really plays. I am pretty open to drop in on a game, though. Hit me up Reading!

We know Andy [Drummer] is fairly fit as he likes to perform with his top off. You like a topless selfie too, but who’s the fittest member of the band?

Andy and I are at two really opposing fitness ideologies. He is really into functional movements, which I think is why he competes in Crossfit.  I really look to more old-school body builder movements – v-taper, for example, and that kind of thing. I want to be able to bench press a horse and I don’t really care if its functional as long as it feels sweet. That being said, I think Andy is really fit and is the fittest member of the band.

What’s your biggest weakness or bad habit?

Ha, I have a lot. I would say Pokemon Go, but at least that keeps me pretty active. I like to watch a lot of movies, I eat ice-cream and I can be really lazy. When I decide I’m not moving I don’t really move, haha.

What about nutrition… Do you eat well? How do you manage on tour?

I go back and forth on eating clean. Sometimes I’m in the mood to do it but often it just doesn’t seem fun. To me, it’s all about moderation. I cut out alcohol and sugar and really upped my protein and good fats for a bit this year. I had very few carbs. It was all an experiment. While it looked kind of cool, after about a month I was just in a terrible mood all the time and I had no energy. I pay attention to my macros and what my body is craving. I’m not crazy though – if I feel like going to eat burgers with my family that’s what I’ll do.

Did you find that performing has became easier as you’ve got fitter? As a bassist, you must have iron wrists?

There are many options in most cities, you just have to look and be willing to adventure. Again, it’s about moderation and not beating yourself up if you slip up or eat outside of your normal diet

I cut out alcohol and sugar and really upped my protein and good fats for a bit this year.


Do you think there’s a general trend in the industry whereby bands are paying more attention to their fitness?

I’m not sure. I think maybe culturally people are in general, or people have better access to information and the ability to stay healthy.

Ghostbusters has to be one of the greatest films ever. How did it feel doing the theme tune for the reboot? 

I mean, as a kid, if you had told me we were going to get to cover the theme, that would’ve been insane, probably unbelievable. It feels cool to be a part of something that is being passed on to a new generation. My eight year old is so excited to see the movie.

What keep you guys motivated?

Stadiums and new music. The idea that we can push the envelope further, seeing new bands who grew up listening to us, I mean that’s really the dream, right? The idea that someone else is going to come along and build and do something even greater.



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