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Tried and Tested Reviews in January


Our roundup of coolest product reviews in January


Billion Dollar Smile Teeth Whiteners

4. Billion Dollar Smile Image

Created with a passion for perfect pearly whites, Billion Dollar Smile offer a range of products using non-peroxide ingredients clinically tested and gentle on your teeth and gums. You can choose from a variety of premium products at affordable prices, from Smile Strips to the LED Mini Light Kit or Top-Up Gel. All their products allow you to lighten your smile in the comfort of your own home.

Price: from £22.50

Gin & Tonic Premium Box Set

Gin & Tonic Premium Box Set

A deluxe gin and tonic botanicals set that allows you to create your own flavoured G&Ts using ingredients such as vanilla pods, pink pepper, cardamom and juniper berries. Comes complete with cocktail jigger and braided spoon.

Price: £59.99 www.thefowndry.com

Fusion Supplements

8. Fusion Supplements Image

Fusion uses a unique selection of ingredients to boost long-term memory retention and cognitive function. This revolutionary formula combines vital pre-workout essentials with effective ingredients to help you build muscle, improve lean body mass, improve strength and speed up your recovery after a workout.

Price: from £27.95 www.fusionsupplements.co.uk

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

Varidesk Pro Plus 36

A sturdy two-tiered standing desk designed to accommodate those with dual-monitor setups or larger workspace areas. Employs a spring-assisted lift mechanism for easy and quick height-adjustment, and holds up to 15.8kg.

Price: £335 www.uk.varidesk.com

360 Fly 4K Video Camera

3. Kodak 360 Image

A shockproof, water-resistant compact action camera offering fully immersive 360 degree video, standard First-person POV video, VR-compatible footage and 360-degree stills; all you need to record and capture your best experiences.

Price: £399 www.360fly.com

Polar M60O

5. Polar M600 Image

Polar’s latest offering is a water-resistant sports watch powered by Android Wear. It features Polar’s proprietary optical heart rate technology and provides wrist-based heart rate measurement via a 6-LED solution. Designed for active training, the Polar M600 boasts a high quality, sleek design with a 1.3 inch colour touch display, a dedicated front button for quick and easy training control, and a battery life of more than 48 hours.

Price: £264.50 www.polar.com

Multipower fitness bar

6. Multipower Image

Atlantic Multipower has launched a new 40 per cent Protein Fit Bar, which works as a delicious healthy snack on the go, or to supplement your protein intake. The new bar comes in a range of flavours – blueberry vanilla, chocolate almond and peach yoghurt – and is packed with 14g of both fast and slow-acting proteins. Each bar contains only 135 calories and no artificial colourants or preservatives.

Price: £1.40 www.multipower.com

Extreme Nutrition Lean-R

2.Xtreme Lean Image

Designed to be taken three times daily, Extreme Lean-R is a pharmaceutical-grade product which keeps energy circulating in the bloodstream to help you exercise longer and harder.

Containing Citrus Aurantium or Bitter Orange, it also contains octopamine, which can be metabolised into synephrine. It also contains Guarana, which increases alertness but also assists with the mobilisation of fatty acids from stored fat reserves. Other ingredients include Garcina Cambogia (60% Hydroxy-Citric Acid), which acts by inhibiting an enzyme that plays a major part in converting carbohydrates into triglycerides, and reduces the production of fat from surplus calories.

All of these ingredients, and more, have been carefully selected to help your body burn calories. Many of these herbs and fruit extracts have been used all over the world to enable people to work harder, faster and for longer, while reducing the time and need to pause for food or rest, and now you can too.

Price: 31.95 www.extremenutrition.co.uk

HIGH5 Protein Hit


Packed with flavour and nutritious goodness for an energising boost, Protein Hit is HIGH5’s cold pressed protein ball, a healthy snack designed to satisfy your hunger on the go.

Life is busy, but Protein Hit leaves you prepared even when things get really hectic. A mouth-watering snack that gives you the nourishment your body craves, these protein balls – suitable for vegetarians – come in three indulgent gluten-free flavours: cacao & orange, peanut & caramel and coconut, lemon and raspberry. Lovingly moulded with the highest quality ingredients, Protein Hit provides you with a balanced mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates ensuring you can stay switched on, even when you’re running on empty.

The Hit balls contain whey protein, a building block for muscle growth and maintenance, and contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

Price £23.85 www.highfive.co.uk

Samsung Gear IconX Earphones

Samsung Gear IconX Earphones

Cord-free fitness earphones offering a snug, comfortable wing-tip design to make sure they stay in place without the hassle of wPhilips Avance Centrifrugal HR1922 21ires. These earbuds also track your activity, connecting to an app for trackable data.

Price: £199 www.shop.samsung.com

Philips Avance Collection Juicer

Designed to bring the best out of ingredients, its Fiber Boost Technology lets you to choose the texture of juice you prefer – with up to 50% more fibres at the switch of a button. It can also be cleaned in one minute!

Price: £170-£200 www.amazon.co.uk

CorMax water bags

CorMax Beast_May 2015_01

Made by Australian company CorMax, these bags are full of sloshing water, which pulls and pushes you in every direction and works your stabilising and core muscles to the max. The unstable weight forces you to adapt to keep the water under control, training your major muscle groups and even those you forget to exercise. CorMax bags will test your core and improve your coordination, athletic skill, posture, and also reduce sports injuries.

Price: from £105 www.jordanfitness.com/collections/cormax

Matcha green tea

7. Matcha Tea Image

Bloom has developed the world’s largest collection of 11 Tea Powders, which includes eight different green tea matchas. Said to be the most potent detox in the world, matcha is the equivalent to ten cups of green tea. No leaves, no waste and a nutrient-rich cup of green that’s naturally high in protein and fibre, low in sugars, fat-free and salt free.

Prices start from £10

Bose QuietComfort QC35 Wireless Headphones

Bose QuietComfort QC35 Wireless Headphones

Top quality nose-cancelling headphones that have now been designed to work wirelessly. With a sleek design, long battery life and fine-tuned sound signature, these will accommodate all content types.

Price: £279.95 www.amazon.co.uk

BSX LVL monitor

BSX LVL monitor

A sleek wearable hydration monitor that uses a red light optical sensor to track a range of body signals, and decipher your hydration level. The built-in display screen shows you how hydrated you are, and connects to an app for further tracking.

Price: £109 www.gearpatrol.com


1. Nakd Nibbles

Smooth, sweet and luxurious, Nakd Nibbles describe their Salted Caramel Nibbles as the ‘Rolls Royce of healthy snacking’, and ‘every bit as tasty as their confectionary counterparts’.

Consisting mainly of dates, cashews and raisins, they’re completely natural, which means you can add to help enhance your yoghurts, perfect your porridges or simply enjoy them on their own. With only a handful of natural ingredients, their simplicity is what makes them the ideal sweet snack. They’re also gluten, wheat and dairy free, which means you can tuck in whatever your dietary restriction. Free from added sugar and low in saturated fats, they’re also vegan friendly, and count as one of your five a day. Only the healthiest stuff makes it into these nutritious nuggets, and they always use as few ingredients as possible to avoid adding anything your body doesn’t need. In short, get stuck in…

£14.99 (18 bags) www.naturalbalancefoods.co.uk