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Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction


It’s our guilty pleasure and our lifeline to the outside world, and most of us cannot get enough of what it has to offer.

That’s right, we’re addicted to our smartphones. Why?
We constantly expect to see something new like a notification or message, which makes us want to check it all the time.

And if we do get a like or another good comment, we get that external validation we’ve been craving. No wonder we can’t put them down! Problem is, we’re running out of free time now that we’re so busy with our smartphones. We’re also more likely to develop anxiety  if we don’t get enough likes, or fatigue from trying to like and see everyone else’s stuff.

So what can we do about it? Firstly, turn off your notifications – having to actually check each individual app may deter the constant checking. Secondly, set aside times that you can’t use your phone, like before 9am or during meal time. Finally, resist spending ALL of your money on the latest and most snazzy smartphone. Those features may sound cool, but they’ll eat away at whatever free time and sanity you have left.

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