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BESTFIT Issue 17- Jordan Nobbs

BESTFIT Issue 17- Jordan Nobbs



Those who watched the women’s World Cup in Canada this summer won’t have failed to notice England impressing on the big stage. After a freak goal knocked the Lionnesses out of the semifinals, they beat Germany to secure third spot, and later returned home to find a nation had taken them to their hearts.

The women’s game is now more popular than ever and one player hoping to continue the sport’s upwards trajectory is Arsenal and England star Jordan Nobbs. Injured to the extent that she featured in just one game in Canada, she is considered one of this country’s brightest hopes.

“I’m back fit now and TRX has played a huge part,” Nobbs tells BESTFIT . “I use it every day for very specific movements and
exercises that not only helped me back to recovery, but which continue to keep me sharp.

“I was surprised to find out you could pretty much do a whole gym workout using TRX. I do a lot of active movements that involved the whole body, so things like going from a back lunge into a side lunge, which sits well with my running technique. I also do a lot of plank work, which is great for the core.”

So, without further ado, swipe/turn over to follow Jordan’s workout with the help of strength and conditioning coach and TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer Specialist Mike Watts.

The Workout

TRX Straight Leg Bridge

trx-straight-leg-bridgeTARGETS: Strengthen posterior chain (hamstrings and glutes) with this bridging exercise.
FORM/EXERCISE GUIDE: Hold position for 20-40 seconds per set, making sure that you push the heels into the foot cradles keeping tension in the straps, keep hips level and in a neutral position.

TRX Runners

TRX-RunnersTARGETS: Core stability with shoulder strength.
FORM/EXERCISE GUIDE: Maintain a solid position throughout shoulders and core, drive single leg forward leading with knee toward chest before returning and repeating with opposite leg, keep tension in both straps at all times.
PERFORM: 8-12 repetitions each leg for 2-3 sets.

TRX Sprinters

TRX-SprintersTARGETS: Leg strength and power.
FORM/EXERCISE GUIDE: Place straps underneath arms and start in a forward lean position. Step one leg back into a split stance then drive back leg through and up into position as shown in picture. Focus on triple extension on standing leg. Repeat 8-12 times each leg for 2-3 sets.




TRX Cross Training Balance Lunge

TRX-Crossing-Balance-LungeTARGETS: Range of motion with strength and mobility in legs.
FORM/EXERCISE GUIDE: Cross knee behind grounded leg and let pelvis drop to increase demand of hip, maintain tension in straps without pulling too hard. Repeat 8-12 times each leg for 2-3 sets.




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