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Indulge in raw foods & reap the health rewards!

Indulge in raw foods & reap the health rewards!


Rawsome Goodness

raw foodsThe seasons are changing and things are getting slightly warmer, so why not look at freshening up your eating habits? The latest craze to hit the fitness world focuses on raw foods, such as fresh fruits and veg, nuts, seeds and whole grains. The idea is that, by keeping these foods raw before eating, you can preserve all of the nutrients and enzymes that may otherwise be destroyed during the cooking process. Benefits, according to several nutritionists, include increased fibre on fewer calories, increased vitamin intake and significant antioxidant boost. Polyphenols (a plant antioxidant) are especially prone to cooking destruction, and can be found in raw cacao – the unheated version of cocoa. Another great plus to eating raw goods is the alkalising effect on the body; many health experts have suggested that refined foods and sugars can cause excess acidity, which the body tries to absorb using bone minerals. Raw foods can alkalise this, and help us keep our bones, and bodies, in top condition.



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