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BESTFIT Issue 13 – Anne Woolhouse

BESTFIT Issue 13 – Anne Woolhouse




I am also a bit of a fitness fanatic and I love nothing more than trying out new classes and ways of training, and I’ll be sharing some of these in the next few issues.

I like to vary my workouts as much as possible as I find I can plateau or get bored, which means I’m less likely to be motivated to keep going. On average I try and work out five to six times a week but with my unpredictable work hours that’s not always possible. I work with my personal trainer, Nathan Kelly, at least once a week and have done for the past few years. Nathan used to be a professional rugby strength and conditioning coach, so the sessions aren’t for the faint-hearted! Usually they involve some HIIT interspersed with three-minute shuttle runs. I have to say to myself ‘just dig in and get it done’. Doing the runs at pace between the circuits is when you really make the difference to your training.

I also try and incorporate a gym session, which usually involves some treadmill sprints mixed up with core work. I try to train outside as much as possible whether with a run outside or training with my PT. Ideally I aim to do a run a week between 6-10 miles depending on time and how I’m feeling.

I recently started going to Lomax Gym, which happens to quite literally be on my doorstep. They do great Blast classes, which are similar to HIIT/circuit classes and boxing classes, which are my new obsession!

Boxing is the only workout I’ve found that keeps me in the zone and my mind 100% on the job, mainly because if I don’t, I get punched! It’s such a great cardio workout and works your arms like no other exercise. The classes I do are normally a mix of bag work and 1;1 sparring interspersed with skipping. I don’t think I’ll be getting in a boxing ring anytime soon, though.

This issue has a cycling theme and spinning has been a core part of my training for about 15 years now. There aren’t any limits to how hard you can push yourself. If anyone says they find spinning easy, they simply aren’t working hard enough! Spin studios around London have become the ‘new’ thing, with ventures like ‘Psycle’ and ‘Ride Republic’, although I’ve been a loyal spinner for quite a number of years. As a workout, it covers numerous bases, including cardio and toning for legs. It’s low impact and great fun. I have to say, nothing quite beats getting out on my road bike though, London isn’t the easiest of places to do this due to traffic, so usually my route involves cycling around Richmond Park.

I’m always asking people for advice and tips on how to improve my training. One thing that coaches and athletes always recommend is yoga, so I try and incorporate that into my schedule. I have also learned how important nutrition is to compliment your training and I’m constantly picking up tips and ideas there, too. I’ll share some of these next month…




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