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Out and About: Wings for Life

Out and About: Wings for Life


Wings for Life

Chiswick, London 

5 May

If you want to race with purpose, what better reason than to find a cure for spinal cord injury? By joining Wings for Life, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. On 5 May, groups all over the world will be setting off in a race to raise some much needed cash for a very good cause. All of the donations and entry fees will go towards spinal cord research projects.

Whether you’re able-bodied or in a wheelchair, you can take part in this organised app event in Chiswick alongside many others. You’ll be racing at exactly the same time as hundreds of thousands of people across the world. Instead of racing towards a finish line, you’ll be chased by the virtual Chaser Car via the Wings for Life smartphone app, a moving finish line that sets off half an hour after the race begins. The race will finish when the last athletes have been caught, and at the end of it, your name will show up on the Global Results List. This is a one-of-a-kind event.


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