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Say No to Nora

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Say No to Nora


As winter approaches it gets harder to avoid the germs being spread by people with a cold or flu, sneezing and coughing near us as we head to work. But that might not be the only reason we get sick. It seems we’ve picked up some filthy habits, making us vulnerable to viruses including the Nora virus. As social media addicts, a lot of us spend time on the loo scrolling through feeds, even though this could lead to urinary tract infections. Ladies might fall victim to the germs picked up by the handbag they’ve placed on the bathroom floor, while the rest of us risk picking up a cold virus from our own TV remote control. Yikes! We also need to watch out for the potential C.Diff virus on the bottom of our shoes, and potential salmonella threat from our kitchen sponges. So if you thought you were safe, you probably are not. Keep washing your hands (and everything else in the house too).