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Coronavirus Lockdown Makes Britons More Active


Snap poll reveals more than 1 in 4 Britons are more active since the start of the Coronavirus lockdown:

· Almost two thirds of Britons admit they have become more conscious of their health since tougher restrictions have been introduced
· More than a quarter admit they have never been more active than they currently are now they’re limited on where they can go
· 35% have been joining in with PE with Joe Wicks, while others have been utilising free workouts on Instagram and YouTube

The team behind Biofreeze conducted the snap poll as part of wider study into how being stuck in the home has affected Britons. A little over 2,000 British adults took part in the research, all of whom remained anonymous throughout the study.

It was initially found that almost two thirds of Britons (63%) would say they have become more conscious of their health since being encouraged to stay at home. A further one in five (21%) revealed they have started taking vitamins to support their immune system.

What’s more, over one quarter of British adults (28%) admit they have never been more active since being stuck at home. That being said, two fifths of British adults (41%) would say they have become less active since tougher restrictions on movement were enforced.

When asked what has encouraged them to be more active, it was found the majority of respondents have done more activities this past week because it gives them something to do. Below is a breakdown of the most popular responses:

1. It gives me something to do – 73%
2. I want to be fitter and there’s no time like the present – 67%
3. It helps the time go faster – 64%
4. I don’t want to gain too much weight – 58%
5. I am determined to make the most of being stuck inside – 47%

A further 16% admitted that being active, even while stuck indoors, has helped them to cope with their anxiety surrounding the current pandemic.

Of everyone who stated that they have found some form of physical activity to do in the home, 35% stated that they have been joining in with PE with Joe (Wicks), 26% have been utilising sites such as Instagram and YouTube to find free workouts and 24% have been using items in the home to act as weights. Additionally, 18% stated that they have gone online and purchased exercise equipment, including yoga mats and dumbbells.

The majority of those who have become less active since being at home admitted they have struggled to find the motivation (68%).

Bharat Gohil, spokesperson for Biofreeze, commented on the findings:
“It is no surprise that people are jumping to becoming more active since tougher restrictions have been introduced because people are on the hunt for things to do, pass the time, as well as keep the weight down. As well as that, Britons are conscious that by being consistently active, they will be boosting their health & fitness which, hopefully, will help to keep illness at bay. Those struggling for ways to pass the time, or who are suffering with cabin fever and anxiety should definitely consider finding workouts and physical activity to undertaken; endorphins released by doing so will only make you feel better about your current situation.”