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Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses


Despite the constant stream of information telling us about the benefits we can get from an active lifestyle, some employers across the UK are forgetting to champion the message. New research from AXA PPP healthcare has highlighted why many employees are still failing to get in enough daily exercise, despite having good intentions to do so. According to the survey, 62% of workers are cancelling their lunchtime gym plans because of work commitments or workload. While most of us prefer to work out in the morning, we’re often finding ourselves pushed for time and thus skipping the workout altogether. We’re also not a fan of looking too out of shape or unfit in front of our fellow colleagues, with 25% choosing this as a reason to not exercise. Meanwhile, employers know full well why exercise is needed in the workplace, with 82% agreeing that it helps employees deal with stress. Time for a fitness inspired worker revolution. 

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