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Galantis Reveal Their Top 10 Workout Tracks

Galantis Reveal Their Top 10 Workout Tracks


  Galantis are currently are one of the world’s biggest dance music acts. Their debut album, Pharmacy, reached No. 1 on the Billboard Dance album chart and has streaming numbers that exceed 430 million!  Here Galantis reveal their top 10 workout tracks.  

Hardwell and Laidback Luke have previously explained the important of fitness. Would you agree?

It’s very important for us to stay in shape on the road, both mentally and physically. There have been times when we’ve been on stage with high fevers on a hot outdoor stage, and that’s not a strong look.

Talk us a through a typical fitness session… what sort of stuff do you do?

We do Tabata training. Or run in the mountains… our ultimate goal is to run away from a mountain lion while barefoot!

How did you two guys get in to this and where did you meet each other?

The first time we met in a studio environment was when Linus (aka Style Of Eye) remixed the first Miike Snow (Christian’s other band) single Animal. We hit it off instantly. We realised at that point that we had the same energy and the same view on music. We didn’t know it at the time, but that moment gave birth to what would eventually become Galantis.

If you were on tour every day of the week, what things would you be discussing with your tour manager and requesting on your rider?

We’re already having these conversations with our tour manager. Proper nutrition, relaxation, and exercise are all really important. We have lots of healthy, fresh, organic foods on our hospitality rider, as well as drinks for added hydration, like coconut water and electrolytes. It can sometimes be hard to find time to go to a gym when you travel every day, so exercise you can do on the move, like using a jump rope or Tabata training, are good! We like to practice yoga when possible too, and schedule regular massages to help ease aches and pains that can often occur after intense travelling, or jumping around like crazy every night during our live show! It’s also crucial to have proper sleep, which is often difficult due to jet lag.

What are your biggest challenges on tour?

Staying consistent. Sometimes we are stuck with burgers at the airport. At home we eat well. We’ll eat anything that can go into a blender.

Where is the best place to play in the world?

There are too many places to mention, and its impossible to pick one place. We’ve both toured a lot before with Mike Snow and Style of Eye, but experiencing the world as Galantis is like seeing the world through new eyes – it’s like a completely new experience. We are totally blown away by the fans all around the world – its amazing. And we are still exploring…

Here are Galantis’ top 10 tracks to work out to…

Daft punk – digital love
One of the reasons why we got into dance music.

Basement Jaxx – rendez vu
This guitar makes us run faster.

Duke Dumont – I got U
Classic, timeless house tune.

Fat Boy Slim – Praise You
Watch the music video…

Mr Oizo – Flat Beat
Classy – it’s all about that bass.

Aphex Twin – Window Licker
Absolutely amazing tune and video.

The Prodigy – Out Of Space
Great beat.

Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl
‘Hereeee we go!’

Jax jones – House work
‘We call it house work, ‘cause its life’s work.’

Riton – Rinse and Repeat
‘This is not how I woke up, but it’s how I look now…’