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Vegan Recipe: Sausage Skillet

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Vegan Recipe: Sausage Skillet


Vegan recipe for those considering ditching meat. Check out this vegan sausage skillet recipe courtesy of Gem’s Wholesale Kitchen for Gosh!

Wellness is about having a healthy body and mind, with more people listening to their bodies and realising that what they eat has a direct impact on how they feel. There is an increased awareness of the effects of the meat industry on the environment, meaning many are choosing to go meat-free. In this modern day of living more kindly with our bodies and the environment, Gosh! are on a mission to bring nourishing experiences to as many people as possible, and has unveiled a food range of over 20 plant-based, free-from, all good and no bad products. you’ll find some of them in this vegan recipe…


Serves 4

vegan recipe vegan sweet potato sausage skillet

PREP TIME: 5 minutes
20 minutes

Gosh! Smokey Sweet Potato Sausages

1 Packet of Gosh! Smokey Sweet Potato Sausages sliced
2 tablespoons Olive oil
2 cups baby potatoes diced
100g Spinach leaves
100g kale leaves sliced
1 red pepper diced
1 green pepper diced
1 400g tin of butterbeans
3 cloves garlic chopped
1tsp chilli powder
1tsp of smoked paprika
1tsp Italian seasoning
salt and pepper to taste
chopped fresh chilli


First, heat 2 tablespoons olive oil over medium heat. Then, add the potatoes and cook until golden brown and tender, which will take about 7-10 minutes. After you remove the potatoes from the pan and set them aside, add the Gosh! sausages to the same pan and cook until browned for about 5 minutes. Once done, set aside with the potatoes. Put the onion, garlic and peppers in the pan and sauté until tender for 3-4 minutes. Then, add the butterbeans. Add the potatoes and sausage back into the pan along with the Italian seasoning and smoked paprika and chilli powder. Finally, season with salt and pepper to taste and serve with chopped fresh chillies if you like. To serve, divide between bowls and top with the sweet potato, Gosh! beet burger and a good spoonful of the avocado dressing. Sprinkle with nuts and seeds.

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