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The Juiceman

The Juiceman


He rose to stardom as star of the Diet coke adverts but is now ‘The Juiceman’. Find out why Andrew Cooper is on mission to get people juicing leaner and cleaner.

juicemanHow did you become ‘the Juiceman’?

The Juiceman thing came about back in 2008, when I was living on a fruit farm up north. I decided to invest in a cold pressed juicer that I had brought from LA. Back then, I was the only guy around making cold pressed juices, so every time I did a batch I would get orders from family and friends. When I was delivering them, I felt like the green juice version of a Milkman, hence the name.

Tell us more about the business now…

I’ve had a bespoke premium organic juice company since 2013 called JUICEMAN. We mail out juice cleanses and sell juices in premium stores such as Fortnum & Mason. I started it with a vision to run my own factory, which I did for two years in Bristol, but recently relocated as the volumes were too big. We have just launched a new range of juices, smoothies and shots in Scandinavia in over 300 7Eleven stores and will be bringing them to the UK by the end of 2016. These are all Fair Trade and at a price point that makes them available to the masses. The one thing that has been tough is justifying the crazy prices people are charging for juices, which has made it a tad elitist. Paying £10 for a bottle of juice is nuts.

Many shop-bought juices are full of added sugar and artificial vitamins. Talk us through your juicing process and why it’s more beneficial for people to do it home.

Its all about the proportions and freshness. As long as its 100% natural and fresh you are on the right track and it’s going to be better than soda. If you’re really active then there is nothing wrong with a fresh fruit smoothie. I also like to look at juicing in the same way as cooking. If you create a 100% fruit smoothie and juice then it is a sweet treat, but if you are looking for something really nutritionally beneficial then try to be 50-80% Veg and experiment with herbs, citrus and spice to suit your taste buds. Try and make sure you use fresh ingredients to get the most yield (liquid). Drink as soon as you juice or make sure you store in the fridge in an airtight container and consume within 24 hours.

Which juicer would you recommend?

I like either the Hurom Cold Pressed juicer or the Phillips.

Are there any premixed ingredients that make the process easier, or that you can’t live without?

In terms of making your life easier I recommend bulk buying and freezing ingredients. For example, if you love ginger and lemon tea, why not juice a pint of it and then freeze in ice cube trays. Simply pop the cube in a mug and add water. The same goes for all you Nutribullet fans: prep your fresh ingredients in bulk and freeze in ziplock bags so you can simply pop in the blender and go. Supplements I can’t live without are cacao nibs and coconut oil that I use in smoothies. Also a good Almond Milk.

What’s your opinion on shop-bought Coldpress products?

It’s great and especially good in New York and LA, but the UK has unfortunately created some bad products and if it’s not done properly it can be a let down in taste and be very overpriced. The best company for cold press is Juice Press in New York.

boxingWe can assume your six-pack isn’t sculpted purely from juice, how do you keep fit?

I vary my excursive weekly around functional sport training whether its boxing, gymnastics or running mixed with some explosive strength stuff and yoga. It also depends what I’m doing for work. If I’m doing fashion shoots I will keep lean. Right now I’m in a five-week training camp for a new TV project that requires allot of martial arts and stunts, so I’m working on speed and flexibility. In terms of the stomach, it’s about a good clean diet and a load of sit ups. Make sure you stretch and work your back to keep a good solid core.

Can you share a juicing recipe that can help to get our readers in the mood for love?

Key ingredients to get you in the mood and increase performance in the bedroom include Watermelon, Beetroot, Maca Root and Strawberries. The recipe below is from the JUICEMAN book called Hot & Sweet Beets. Try adding some Maca Root Liquid or powder as its the No1 sexual superfood. Don’t forget the chocolates, as raw dark chocolate is the perfect food for love.

Hot &* sweet beets

A large handful of strawberries
1 slice of red or green chilli
1 lime, peeled
1 beetroot, scrubbed
1/4 watermelon
Juice all your ingredients one by one in the order they are listed. Serve chilled or enjoy over ice. Add a few drops of liquid Maca for added sexual performance.

Did you know?
Chillis and strawberries both have a higher vitamin C content than oranges


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