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Fire fighter & Milk Tray Man Patrick McBride shares his workout tips

Fire fighter & Milk Tray Man Patrick McBride shares his workout tips


Check out My weekend workout with ‘Milk Tray Man’ and Fire fighter-Patrick McBride…

CADBURY REVEALS IDENTITY OF THE NEW MILK TRAY MANWe all saw the new Milk Tray man in action on our screens this year. Following on from the original 1960’s advert, which traditionally featured a tough James Bond-style figure who takes daunting risks to deliver a box of chocolates to a lady, the 2016 remake did not disappoint with what looked to be a pretty physically demanding role. I thought I would catch up with the man himself and put him through his paces to see if he was as tough as the 007-style character he portrays…

Firefighter Patrick McBride, who won the role ahead of 20,000 hopefuls last year, is the latest to don the black polo neck for the ad that ends with the signature catchphrase “And all because the lady loves…’’

The brand new campaign, the latest in a saga that began in 1968, is set in the Altai Mountains over the Mongolian steppe and features flying sequences, a Mongolian tribe and stampeding yak. Speaking of all that activity brings us to the real reason we are here, to workout!

With Patrick being a firefighter, I thought I would stick to a circuit fit for a fireman. With this circuit, use moderate to heavy weight and complete it at least three times. Always remember to apply the correct form and steady repetitions when handling weights.

The workout

  1. Bench Step Ups 1 minute
  2. Deadlifts 8-10 Reps
  3. Bench Step Ups 1 Minute
  4. Military Press 8-10 Reps
  5. Box Jumps 1 Minute
  6. Wood Chops (Dumbbell) 8-10 Reps both sides
  7. Box Jumps 1 Minute
  8. Barbell Bent Over Row 8-10 Reps
  9. Burpees 1 Minute
  10. Pull Ups (weighted if possible) 8-10 Reps
  11. Burpees 1 Minute
  12. Barbell Clean and Press 8-10 Reps



“The circuit was perfect because it reminds me a lot of when I first started as a firefighter. These are the kind of circuits that we would do on a regular basis but now it’s just about maintaining fitness and avoiding injury, especially because now I’m 40! We have a fitness test every six months on site and an annual test, which is much more difficult. This circuit was basic but
very effective for a fire fighter and I’ll definitely be using it throughout the year.”