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Bestfit Issue 19 – Batman Superman

Bestfit Issue 19 – Batman Superman



The film we’ve all been waiting for hits the big screen this month, and now it’s time to get ripped like a superhero. Bestfit has got just the workout for you…

Words by Matt McEvoy

Batman. Superman. It’s the ultimate battle between comic book superheroes. The question is, who do you have your money on? We’ll find out when Zac Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released this month, but at BESTFIT, we have more pressing questions to be asked. Like, how can I get ripped like either superhero?

That’s why we’ve asked elite PTs Niko Algieri and Jay Brockway from Equilibrium studio, to devise a workout to get you stacked like each of their favourite superheroes. Don’t worry though, you won’t need super powers or a billionaire’s bank account to execute these moves, just a bit of grit and whole lot of willing…


You may not be able to fly or have x-ray vision, but you can sure build a physique like Clark Kent’s alter ego, Superman. This workout is all about going BIG using traditional multi-jointed compound exercises.

Forget speed and agility for now (we’re assuming you’ll have worked on that if you’re trying to emulate the big man) and focus on building complete full-body strength and muscular endurance. If you do, you might just stand a chance of beating Batman and all his high-tech trickery.

Do three rounds of the allotted reps without rest in between exercises (channel that superhuman energy!) or take three minutes between rounds if you’re finding the pace a bit like Kryptonite…

Clusters (squat clean thrusters)

75% Your Bodyweight

Start by pulling a barbell from a deadlift position into a squat clean (a three-quarter front squat), stand directly up and then thrust the bar above your head until your arms are fully extended. Return for one rep.

3 reps//3 rounds//no rest



Using a wide or mixed grip with a heavily weighted barbell, pull it from a quarter squat until standing upright. Keep your back straight and push your chest out when fully extended.

150% your bodyweight

6 reps//3 rounds//no rest


Bench Press

75% your bodyweight

Laying on a flat bench, keep a hollow between your lower back and the bench, and raise a barbell up into the air and then down to your chest. Squeeze your shoulder blades together as you lower the bar and return for one rep.

9 reps//3 rounds//no rest


Barbell Walking Lunges

75% your bodyweight

Keeping your back, neck and head aligned, take one step forward with each leg, holding a barbell across your neck and shoulders. Keep your thighs parallel with the floor as you lunge and stand upright again for one rep.

12 reps//3 rounds//18 secs rest if needed

12repsroundswho do you have your money on


TRX Single-Leg box jump w/burpee

Start in a press-up position with one foot in a TRX stirrup. Push up, stand up and then jump up on to a box with one foot. Step off, return to a press-up position and lower yourself to the floor for one rep.

10 each leg//5 rounds//30 secs rest

trx single

Kipping Chin Ups

With a wide overhanded grip (palms facing forward), pull yourself up until your chin reaches the upper plane of the bar. When lowering yourself, swing your body forward and back, and use the momentum to raise yourself back up to the bar.

20 reps//5 rounds//30 secs rest

Kippling Chinups

TRX Atomic Push-UP Pike

Start in a press-up position with both feet in the TRX stirrups. Lower yourself to the floor, push yourself back up and then bring your legs forward so your body makes a 90-degree angle at the waist. Push back and lower yourself for one rep.

20 reps//5 rounds//30 secs rest

Trn Atomic

TRX handstand Push-ups

Starting in a press-up position with both feet in TRX stirrups, walk yourself back until your body is in a right angle with your legs extended and parallel with the floor. Lower your body by bending your arms and return for one rep.

5 to 10 reps//5 rounds//30 secs rest

trx handstand

Slam Balls

20KG or more

Holding a slam ball, start in a squat, stand up, and raise the ball above your head. Slam the ball down as hard as possible, squatting down to collect the ball immediately for one rep.

15 reps//5 rounds//30 secs rest

Slam Balls