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Post With The Most


Did you know you can eat healthily without even leaving the house?

Here are our 10 best meal delivery options…



Abel & Cole

One of the pioneers in a market that was very niche 28 years ago but is now growing rapidly as the desire for ethically sourced organic produce continues to increase. The company claim that it cares about ‘what you eat and where it comes from’, and it’s hard to quibble with a firm that continues to deliver high-quality produce across the UK. Beginning with a chap called Keith and a few organic spuds from a UK farm that the company still use today, Abel & Cole have transformed the food delivery market and continue to set the pace.


Riverford Organic

The company are one of the most recognisable in the UK, and provide a range of boxes to cater for every conceivable taste. Whether it’s a vegetable box, a meat box or a fruit and salad selection, Riverford offer its customers a range of box sizes, each one full of largely UK-grown produce. The company also offer dairy options, a selection of sauces and condiments, store cupboard staples and even red and white wine. It’s basically a one-stop shop and one that’s proving enormous popular with clients from across the country.


Kettlebell Kitchen 

Targeting the business market and ‘corporate wellness’, the Manchester-based firm aims to provide the healthiest food available to employees in a bid to tackle a long-neglected but potentially lucrative area. Pointing out that absenteeism is a major cause of lost revenue to businesses across the UK, Kettleball Kitchen’s ambitions are clear, with the company aiming to provide healthy and nutritional options to improve workplace productivity and the long-term health of employees. As many ingredients as possible are sourced from local farms and suppliers, while fresh dishes are offered on-site to staff at companies across the country.


Honestly Good 

What started with an old blender in a garage has become a company attempting to save the world with one smoothie at a time. They source as many ingredients from organic farmers in the UK, then look to carefully selected Soil Association Certified Organic Suppliers for some of the more exotic fruit, veg and superfoods. Everything is then lovingly washed, peeled, chopped and packed at their family home. Everything is transparent and sustainable, from the preparation to the recycling of their packaging and everything in between. Sign up, receive your frozen packs in the post, blend and enjoy!



Another company which has grown enormously in recent years. Providing the opportunity to choose 22 healthy recipes each week, Gousto delivers recipe cards and pre-portioned ingredients, with its recipe boxes giving customers everything they need to cook up to four meals for two to four people. Using high welfare British meat and providing easy to follow recipe cards, as well as ice packs and Woolcool insulation to keep produce cool if customers aren’t around at the time of delivery, Gousto appears to have everything covered. And with over one million meals already delivered, the company are clearly onto a winner.



We’re constantly warned about the dangers of snacking but one company is doing everything it can to make life’s little treats as enjoyable and nutritious as possible. Every month, SourcedBox puts together a range of healthy and innovative snacks and delivers them direct to your door. Simple. With a one-off, monthly or annual subscription available, customers are able to get SourcedBox’s snacks delivered as regularly as they would like. Meaning less trawling of supermarkets to find that needle in a haystack health treat and more sitting back waiting for it to come to you.


Detox Kitchen 

Based on the age-old premise that we are what we eat, Detox Kitchen was created with the aim of delivering nutrition to your doorstep. Using good quality seasonal ingredients and cooked from scratch in its own kitchens, the company have successfully tapped into the desire of customer to not forfeit taste in the quest to stay healthy. Started in 2012, and with three sites in London, Detox Kitchen is now a hugely respected brand in an increasingly congested marketplace, providing food that people can trust and using ingredients that help busy people maintain healthy diets. The company also offers fitness classes for its customers in Fitzrovia.


Box’d Fresh 

With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Box’d Fresh provides its customers with exciting and innovative recipes that lean heavily on ethically sourced food from British farms. Using only trusted sources that ensures the very highest standards of animal welfare, Box’d Fresh is intent on delivering the highest standards throughout its supply chain. The company also boasts of delivering fresh fish from Cornwall – delivered from the net to your front door in just 24 hours. The pre-portioning of its ingredients also helps to significantly reduce waste.


Fit Fuel

Started with the aim of providing nutritious fitness meal plans, the company offers a weekly range of meals, snacks and ‘guilt free’ treats, Fit Fuel can tailor options to its customer’s requirements. Whether that’s fat loss, lean muscle gain or simply the desire for a balanced diet, Fit Fuel hits the spot. The company claim to have been the leading national fitness meal delivery service in the U.K. for the past two years and with the release of a new vegetarian menu, now offer the broadest range of options imaginable.


Muscle Foods 

If meat is your thing then look no further than muscle foods, which offers its customers hampers containing everything you need to build yourself up. The company’s website offers meat hampers, seafood selections, vegetarian, egg and dairy ranges as well as snacks and meal options. In addition to a blog offering advice and testimonials, Muscle Foods is a one stop shop for those looking to fuel their physical ambitions.


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