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BESTFIT Issue 15 – Man Versus Sugar

BESTFIT Issue 15 – Man Versus Sugar


infographic-coverTime to re-evaluate everything you’re eating… it could be killing you.

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you’ll know that sugar has been in the news recently. And with good reason… the general consensus is that it’s not great. Thankfully, Claire White, author of the SugarSnub food plan, has analysed every item of food sold in the five major supermarkets to identify the best and worst foods in terms of their sugar content, so you don’t have to.

“Sugar has been taking over our diets without us realising how much we are consuming,” explains Claire, who is on a mission to help people eat better since surviving cancer only last year. “Food experts agree that the amount of sugar in the British diet is too high, but sugar seems to be added to so many foods that are readily available on supermarket shelves. The World Health Organization and the UK government’s advisory body on nutrition, SACN, is strongly advising we cut our added sugar intake to no more than 5% of our daily calories. However, the reality is that you and your family are the only ones who can control the amount of sugar you eat.

“In a daily intake of 2,000 calories, no more than 100 calories should be from added sugar. That’s about 6-7 tsp, or 25g (1tsp=4g). In the UK we currently eat much more than that, which is contributing to many health problems.

“This is why I created SugarSnub™. My advice, and my Traffic Light Guide (green for best foods, red for worst), will help you enjoy a reduced sugar lifestyle. Foods from five large supermarkets have been categorised, and using the Food Standards Agency’s recognised system, arranged in order of sugar quantities.”

The book is available from Amazon and costs £3.99 as an ebook (paperback will be available in a few months). For more information visit www.sugarsnub.co.uk.







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