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BESTFIT Issue 18 – Natalie Summers

BESTFIT Issue 18 – Natalie Summers




‘Hit me harder!’ I’m boxing with a male client and encouraging him not to hold back.  He finds his breath behind his abdominal shield and as he begins to brace, he extends a calm and relaxed jab that connects with precision to my boxing pad. What starts out as a small spark of power explodes to what would be a forceful knockout punch.

Yep, it’s all about kinetic energy in boxing, and this guy is working as one solid unit, which increases the impact.

This year is all about impact as boutique fitness boxing studios punch to the top of the 2016 fitness trends. From ‘Rumble’, 1Rebel’s immersive boxing experience, to Kobox, a new fight club meets nightclub experience, boxing-specific workouts are the top pick for supermodels and more. In fact, the fight craze has spilled out of the studio. Russell Bateman, founder of the SBC (Skinny bitch Collective) announced the launch of SBC Fight, while hotels like The Hoxton, London, are adding pop-up boxing nights to their entertainment.

On a recent trip to New York, and as a lover of all things fight club, I was beside myself with excitement as I headed to 20th Street to the Flat Iron District to cross hook and jab my way through a workout at ShadowBox. Wow! I was so hooked (excuse the pun) that I committed to an early workout on the day we were flying home. The concept is traditional boxing with heavy boxing bags mixed with elements of modern day training methods, including bodyweight training and HIIT principles. The environment, dark blue dimmed lighting inside the studio, bright vintage whites on the outside with a beautifully erected vintage boxing gym. The result, an awesome experience in a stunning environment.

Can London’s 1Rebel and Kobox come close? Maybe. Each boxing boutique studio offers a unique and individual experience, as I found after a recent invite to the launch party for Kobox. The Kobox environment, to use their words, is fight club meets nightclub, and they are spot on! The studio itself has an urban industrial edge with a modern day studio 54 feel, and with 21 heavy punch bags, strength and conditioning equipment around the outside. Outside the studio is a classic vintage ring. The downside is that Kobox is fully booked and has waiting lists for all their workouts. It’s like one big tease!

For those of you who are yet to try a boxing or fight clubinspired workout, book one. The results will be a lean, fit strong body with cardio to die for. As for me, I’ve set my alarm at 6am ready to reserve my bag at Kobox.