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BESTFIT Issue 13 – On Trend

BESTFIT Issue 13 – On Trend



I’ve tried it – and I like it – but I’ve never attained these levels of juicing superiority. Mainly because I get really bored of emptying, cleaning and reassembling the many parts of the juicer after every use. It takes about 15 glorious seconds to make a delicious juice bursting full of healthful goodness, and at least 15 minutes to clean up after yourself. I’m simply too lazy for that kind of ratio, regardless of how good it is for me. So when the Nutri Bullet arrived on the scene I didn’t pay much attention. I didn’t need more kit gathering dust in the back of the cupboard making me feel guilty every time I caught a glimpse of it. But once I realised that a ‘nutrition extractor’ is really just a seriously powerful blender everything changed. These ultra-powerful blenders allow you to bung in any old ingredients and create a really nutritious shake in seconds. You can drink the shake straight out of the blender cup and wash it all up in less than a minute, which is a much more agreeable ratio for a busy person.

If like me you are guilty of throwing out half of your fridge each week it’s an easy way to use up leftover food. You can chuck in whole unpeeled veg like carrots, spinach and kale, add milk, yoghurt or juice, and sweeten it up with fruits or store cupboard ingredients like honey. You can also create more luxurious shakes involving things like coffee, cocoa and peanut butter (I recommend the banana mocha with two shots of coffee, one banana and a spoonful of Green & Blacks Cocoa). These blenders are totally transforming how we get our nutrients. I suspect it’s the best news the five-a-day campaign has ever had. There are differing opinions over which is healthier, juicing or blending. Blending keeps all the fibre in the drink while juices are easier for the body to digest and we absorb more nutrients. I’d argue that it really doesn’t matter! The bottom line is that you are getting more goodness in to your system with either method than with none, and if one happens to appeal to lazy people then surely that’s a good thing!

To my mind that’s why blending has caught on a lot more than juicing ever did. Only certain fruits and vegetables can go in a standard juicer but I can put anything and everything into my Nutri Ninja. Juice devotees may continue to juice but the rest of the world will blend…sorry, ‘extract nutrients’, even if it is just because we don’t like washing up.