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A Guide to Healthy Crisps

A Guide to Healthy Crisps


We’re a nation of avid snackers, and having something to munch on between meals is always of utmost importance. These days we’re much more switched on to what these snacks are, putting down our beloved prawn cocktail potato crisps in favour of a healthier option. To help you make this transition here are our top three picks for healthy crisps – you’re welcome.



If you’re taking it easy on the carbs but still crave that crunch, grab a bag of Chirps. Made using Two Chicks free-range egg whites for a high dose of protein, these are also non-GMO, low in fat and suitable for veggies. They promise 30% less calories than other crisps, so perfect for that summer cut. Available in three delicious flavours: Salt & Black Pepper, Smokey Jalapeno and Sour Cream & Onion. chirpschips.com


VEGAN: Hippeas

With the texture of a Wotsit without that nasty cheese dust, these organic vegan chickpea puffs will blow your mind. Made without gluten, corn, MSG or dairy but packed full of plant protein and fibre, you’re guaranteed only the healthiest ingredients. Choose from four flavours including Cheese & Love and In Herbs We Trust. hippeas.com





From the beauty of The Cotswolds comes these nutrient dense and slightly hipster Kale crisps that will add a much needed green boost to your day. Using only the finest slow dried Cavelo Nero in two tasty flavours – Original or Tomato & Oregano. Because whats healthier than kale? www.leafyfoods.co.uk