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Review: Two Chick Products (Egg Whites)


Two Chick Products supply a range of egg products in the most convenient form – in cartons. The brand supplies egg whites (organic and regular), pancake mixes and whole eggs in cartons, which are a non-messy, most convenient way to cook with eggs.

The business is owned and run by two friends, who saw a gap in the UK market and decided to provide us with an extremely useful food product, and help reduce waste from thrown out egg yolks at the same time. Its aim is to reduce cooking time, simplify the process for the cook and provide healthy nutritious eggs in a ready-to-use form.

Review: Two Chick Products Egg Whites (Flagship Product)

Taste and Texture: The egg whites are just like the ones that you would get from cracking a chicken egg and separating out the egg white from the egg yolk. There are no identifiable differences. They taste exactly like the ones fresh from an egg, because they do not contain any other ingredients (accept for guar gum, which is derived from a plant) and are entirely natural. There is nothing you would want to be different about the taste and texture of these egg whites.

Usage and Applicability: There are a million ways that you can use this product. From simple egg white omelettes to numerous baking recipes. They are great for meringues and recipes that require beating up the egg white to peaks, as the guar gum helps the process of beating. These eggs have a dozen of applications in both savoury and sweet recipes. The only limit is your imagination. However, if you are struggling to find inspiration for you cooking, check out Two Chick website for some delicious recipe ideas.

Convenience: They come in a 500g carton, are easy to poor, with a resalable lid. There are 15 free range egg whites in each carton, and there is a measuring ‘ruler’ on the side, stating the quantity of the eggs remaining in the carton. Extremely convenient way to keep and cook with eggs, with no waste and accurate measurements. They are available in most supermarkets (Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose) and on their website.

Nutritional Value: Each 100 ml of egg whites contains 10.5g of protein, 1g of carbohydrate (from the guar gum), and 0g of fat. The egg whites are a perfect food for anyone trying to increase their protein intake, and individuals on low-fat diets. Each 100 ml of egg whites is only 50 kcal, which also makes them a great ingredient for low-calorie high-protein baking and recipes.

Sustainability: None of the egg used in the production of Two Chick products is wasted. The egg yolks are sold to companies producing mayonnaise, cakes and other goods. The shells are no wasted either, there are sold off too and used for other purposes. No waste for you and no waste for the planet.

Two Chick Egg Whites are the perfect solution to high-protein simple baking, quick recipes and a no-mess cooking experience. They retain all the macronutrients of a fresh egg white, and still provide you with all the nutrition you need, but in a 0 waste convenient form.