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1 Piece of Kit, 8 Exercises… 1 Winning Body

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1 Piece of Kit, 8 Exercises… 1 Winning Body


Don’t use time as an excuse. Grab a Tribar (or kettlebell/dumbbell) and follow this all-body workout for epic life wins!

In today’s modern society we’re all a bit time poor. This means we always find ourselves on the go and every minute of our day is precious as we try and squeeze in all of life’s duties and tasks. Unfortunately, this means that the first thing that tends to suffer is our health and fitness, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With tools like the Tribar, which can be used anywhere, you can find the time on the go or at home with just a single piece of kit. Try this this full-body routine that will hit every major muscle group in the body and, at the correct intensity, will also give you a great cardiovascular workout meaning you get the most bang for your buck!

Holding Tribar in a pronated two-hand grip, and wide leg stance more than shoulder width apart, move from standing position and bend knees to squat as low as you can go. The deeper the squat, the deeper the exercise, the more beneficial. Keep back straight. From the lowest squat position, return to standing, and repeat.

Standing, use an underhand supinated two-hand grip, lower Tribar down to one side touching nearest Tribar ball against quad. Curl to touch both balls against chest, then repeat but this time lower to the other side touching other ball against the other quad then crunch back up to chest.

A kettlebell swing in essence, but with a different piece of apparatus. With a supine overhand grip, swing the Tribar between your legs keeping your back straight, and leverage enough force to bring Tribar up in front of your chest. Swing Tribar until arms straight out in front of you. Return to between legs and repeat.

Standing, Tribar in two hands held behind head with Tribar held down to rear of one side of left shoulder, extend Tribar overhead then bring down to the rear of the right shoulder touching the closest tribar ball against the shoulder then repeat.

With or without transitional plank for 5 seconds during the ground phase of exercise, to activate core muscles. Use an underhand supinated grip for this exercise as it works best for the overhead press part of the exercise.

Hold Tribar in both hands over right shoulder with the left hand and arm having to reach overhead to hold in position. Press Tribar up to lock out both arms overhead then lower down to opposite shoulder then repeat, look ahead while doing exercise.

Place Tribar to the side of your body on the floor. In the press-up position, with shoulders directly over your hands, pull the Tribar from one side of your body to the other while keeping back straight and core engaged. Pulled Tribar all the way through to other side, then repeat exercise.

We have named these traditional dumbbell and barbell exercises ‘crossover’ exercises because the Tribar shape and narrow grip allows the transition of weight from one side of the body to crossover to the other, and during this crossover, core abdominal and back muscles are activated leading to greater core development and stability.

The Tribar has been designed around a passion for fitness, combining elements of both a kettlebell and dumbbell to create the optimum strength and fitness tool. Its shape provides a unique 60-degree double grip which can be used overhand or underhand. These grip options increase the range of exercises available to target specific muscle groups including overhead press, triceps extensions, biceps curls, rows, squats. Single-handed weight training exercises include hammer curls, triceps extensions, and single arm rows.
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