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BESTFIT Tries… Bungee Brilliance

BESTFIT Tries… Bungee Brilliance


These days there are more ways to get fit than ever!

Bungee jumping has been the staple of many a teenage break on the Greek Islands or Balearics – but now the humble bungee cord is doing its bit to keep a new generation of fitness fanatics in shape this summer and beyond.

Suspended from ceilings in workout rooms up and down the country, the potential of the bungee cord – long recognised in professional sports like football, cricket and rugby – is patently obvious, allowing freedom of movement while also placing tension on those using it. Whether it’s flips, handstands or running on the spot, one thing is clear from the videos promoting its use too – it’s pretty damn cool. Or to throw in some teenage parlance: “sick”.

“It’s a full-body workout using specially designed equipment to provide the most awesome fitness experience,” says Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie, the creator of Bungee Workout. “It’s a powerful workout which delivers fight, flight and height to the max, with equal measure of fun and laughter.”

The smile on the faces of those completing one of the workouts certainly backs up the latter point, with some hilarious moves interspersed with some serious fitness work. The sweat running down the faces of those effectively tied to the ceiling for the duration of the workout also demonstrated the toughness of some of the exercises undertaken.

The phenomenon itself began not in the UK, but in Bangkok, when the Stories to Tales Theatre began holding regular Bungee Workout classes which utilised resistance training to help muscle toning.

It’s this eclectic and exciting mix of dance and aerobics that gives the workout an almost unique appeal, with gravity-defying launches through the air enabling those involved to pull off the kind of moves that would be impossible in an aerobics class or dance studio. Although those who find hanging upside down a little queasy might be better off trying something a little less daring.

“Around 17 years ago, Wired Aerial Theatre created a technique which allowed people to move dynamically on bungees,” said Hesketh-Ogilvie. “What we have done is redevelop that technique to bring it to the fitness industry.

“We spent years dedicated to developing a refined and revolutionary technique – using quality bespoke equipment – which ensures a safe yet sensational experience.”

The attraction of this workout system is the fact that it can be installed into pretty much any environment, whether that’s a studio, gym or leisure facility. Fully supported by a qualified instructor, the class uses music and choreography over the course of the session, providing those involved with full soundtrack for their workout. What’s not to love?

It’s taking off, in more ways than one, as Jacqui Hobbs, education consultant at Bungee Workout explained in a recent interview. “This workout is addictive and absorbing and has been designed to drive member results, retention and return on reach.

“In an industry constantly searching for the next best fitness experience, this is something truly unique.”

Of course, those who have worked with Bungee on stage will know all about its dramatic potential as well as its capacity to transform the way that you exercise. Wired Aerial Theatre, for example, has based its theatrical offerings on bungee-assisted dance for the past 17 years. The likes of Lady Gaga, Diversity and PINK have also used the technique to provide an additional wow factor to their already show-stopping performances at some of the biggest venues in the world.

But, though bungee is nothing new from a dance and stage perspective, it has taken time for the bungee cord to encroach into the world of fitness. Now, though, it’s on fast-forward as it establishes itself as one of THE fitness trends of 2019.

“It really is a full-body workout,” says BESTFIT founder Faris Fisher, who sampled a workout for BESTFIT TV. “The average session is 45 minutes to an hour long. There are quicker 30-minute cardio sessions and you can burn as much as 500 calories per session. And you can have fun at the same time.”

During a period when fun is establishing itself at the heart of the fitness industry, that’s clearly a sizeable selling point for a workout session that is taking the world by storm. Clearly it takes time to gain some confidence when effectively suspended in the air, but after a couple of sessions, there’s a real sense that the bungee cord could well become a staple of exercise classes in the coming years.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy flying weightless through the air and performing flips and moves that would otherwise be impossible. NASA would surely approve. After all, the appeal of Bungee Workout isn’t rocket science.

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