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Massagetech MT Sport, a portable sports therapy system


British fitness gurus MassageTech have developed a portable sports therapy system clinically proven to improve your performance, whatever your level. The new MT Sport has been designed to be used to dramatically increase the blood flow through your muscles and maximise your efficiency, and therefore reduce recovery time, or even aid your recovery. So, whether you’re in peak condition but want to be better and get optimum performance, or you want to stay fit to live a longer and healthier life, the MT Sport will help you supercharge your warm-up. Put simply, it gives you the boost you need to hit your fitness goals, while helping prevent injury and extending your active life. All it takes is ten minutes. It uses vibration massage therapy, which is carefully calibrated to oscillate at 50Hz, the frequency scientific studies confirm gets results. These clever vibrations penetrate deep into your muscle to dilate the blood vessels. At the same time, the pores in the tissue membrane open so that your muscles can utilise more oxygen and nutrients.  This can prepare your body for maximum performance and reduce soreness to speed up recovery. So, if you’re body is aching immediately after your exercise, or from your previous session, you can use the MT Sport to increase your circulation and flush toxins from your muscles. Release the tension and rejuvenate your flexibility at the touch of a button!

Price: £395


Massagetech MT Sport, a portable sports therapy system


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