Low-carb high protein lifestyle can give you bad breath!

Bad Breath

Morning breath can plague us all, but does yours seem to last all day? If so, pay attention – there could be something wrong with your insides.  The smell itself can indicate the problem. If the smell resembles rotting flesh you may have tonsillitis, as sulphur producing bacteria breed deep in the tonsil crypts and the infected tonsils can’t break them down. Is  the smell fishy? Your kidney and liver might be struggling, with nitrogen being the odour culprit. Now brace yourself, if your breath smells like faeces you may have infected gums as similar chemicals are produced by anaerobic bacteria. And finally, if you’re breathing out a sour milk smell, check your diet. If you’re a fan of the low-carb high-protein lifestyle, all the ketones being produced by your body can cause that sour odour. Either keep chewing gum handy or eat a sandwich, but always remember to floss.


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