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Press-ups are still king, but sometimes it’s good to mix them up for even greater gains  


Man continues to invent new machines and apparatus to help us get fit, but one constant throughout all these advancements is the humble press-up. Simple, but effective, the press-up should remain a staple. However, don’t just churn out the reps… add some variation and notice the difference.


Kettle Bells

A simple upgrade is to use a kettle bell or dumbbell for a deeper press.Maximise the movement and watch those guns grow.

Bosu Ball

Work your core even harder by adding in a Bosu Ball (or any kind of ball, frankly). You’ll notice it gets a lot harder, which means you’re smashing your core as well as your arms.  


Hand Clap

Instead of simply returning to your start position, push off the ground and introduce a hand clap before then returning to your start position. Tough, right? Good, that explosive movement will build your chest and arm strength far more than a traditional press up. Just so you know, the record is 90 reps in one minute. Best get practising, eh… 


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