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Don’t Fear The Squat Rack!


IMPLEXUS 600x315

Don’t fear the squat rack! instead, use it to your advantage with this complete full-body workout from the bods at Implexus gym, Leeds

For many people, the squat rack is a piece of apparatus bigger people use. It can be an intimidating piece of apparatus, not least because the squat itself can be a difficult move to execute, and execute well. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The folk at Implexus gym, Leeds, who consist of duo Mitch Atchurch and Ian Kirke, both with links to Leeds Rhinos rugby league team, believe you can use the rack for an effective method of training your whole body. If you read last month’s issue you will have seen the duo’s functional fitness workout. This month’s session, like last month’s, will push you to the limit, but the end results will be well worth it…


1: Deadlift/Rack Pull 5×5 Superset Plus 30-second Hang

“Using the classic 5×5 rep scheme, the deadlift hits a great deal of muscle groups. The advantage of the rack is the pins. Not only do they allow those not overly accomplished at hinging from the hip to reduce the range of movement, it also allows more experienced lifters to overload the top half of the motion. The hang helps to decompress the back after the deadlifts and aids mobilising the shoulders for the next exercise.”

Deadlift-rack pull 5x5

2: Pin Press 5×5

Pin press can be set at the sticking point of your bench press to help overcome it. It can also be used to overload the classic pressing movement due to a reduced range of movement. For beginners, it is a safe learning tool – there’s no chance of being crushed under the weight and its possible to focus solely on perfecting the concentric phase.

Pin Express5x5

3: Jammer Front Squat To Double Hand Press 8

To increase metabolic demand and round off the session, we add a giant set using the jammer attachment. If your rack doesn’t have one of these, the barbell can be used instead.

The jammer takes a little of the stability requirement away from the squat to press, so you can concentrate on working hard. Hold the head of the barbell at chest height, squat down in a goblet squat fashion before standing back up. In a smooth movement during the standing phase, press the barbell overhead and forwards.

Jammer Front Squat To Double Hand Press 8

4: Half Kneeling Jammer Press 4 Each Side

After you’ve done your 8, chose a side to half kneel on. Press the barbell from the shoulder to an overhead position, it’ll naturally travel in front of you. This is ideal for anyone lacking in shoulder range or suffering from fatigue after the squat to press!

Half Kneeling Jammer Press 4 Each Side

5: Landmine 4 Each Side x 5

Having swapped sides for the half kneeling press, regain your feet to perform the side –to-side landmine. This will tax the core and make you control your breathing under fatigue, as well as maintaining the high heart rate from the previous exercises. Rest for 1 minute, then start the whole giant set again.

Landmine 4 Each Side X 5